Update 2.9: Real-time ladder improvements, mobile app linking, ladder changes

WarLight has just been upgraded to version 2.09.0! This update improves the ladders based on the recent poll, and adds a few other small features.

Real-Time Ladder Improvements

After joining the real-time ladder, if you stay on the Real-Time Ladder page it will now display a loading icon. Once the ladder invites you to a game, this icon will change to a link to that game. Additionally, a check-box exists that will tell the page to make a sound when the game starts.

This streamlines the process of joining the real-time ladder, as you don’t need to continually refresh the My Games page anymore. Instead, you can simply leave the main ladder page open in the background and wait until you hear the chime.

When you finish a real-time ladder game, the page will automatically change back to the spinner within 30 seconds, and will again make a sound when the next game is created (if the box to do so is checked). Therefore, you can simply leave this page open in the background and it will always notify you via the sound when a game is created.

There’s also now a link to the real-time ladder page in the Open Games page, as long as you have unlocked the ability to join the real-time ladder and at least one person is currently playing in the ladder.

Mobile App Linking

In the latest update to WarLight’s iOS and Android app, the app now has the ability to open game links from your web browser! These kind of game links are often used in WarLight’s forum for sharing and discussing games, and you’ll also see them in the e-mail notifications that WarLight sends out.

A game link is one that looks like this: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=1000045. If you click on this link on your device, it will automatically switch to the WarLight app and open the referenced game.

This will only work if you have the app version 2.08.0 or higher installed. Android and Kindle Fire devices got this update a while ago, and iOS devices should receive it soon. If you want to see what version you have installed, just tap Settings from the main menu and scroll to the very bottom.

Ladder Changes

All of the changes announced previously are now live!

Changes to templates won’t change existing games — they’ll just take effect for games created after this update.

Misc Changes

– The 2v2 ladder page, when you’re not currently joined to it, now shows the most recent team you played with instead of the oldest one.
– In a game lobby, it’s now possible to click the host’s name and open their profile. This is useful if someone creates a game but does not play in it themselves.

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    1. Yes, the changes affect the “Strategic 1v1” and “Strategic 2v2” templates anywhere those are used. Auto games, kong, etc.

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