Update 2.6: Unlockables page, Mega Strategy Pack and Mega Maps Pack

WarLight has just been updated to 2.06.0! This update adds the Unlockables page, the Mega Strategy Pack and the Mega Maps Pack.


There’s a new sub-tab under the home tab: Unlockables. This page shows all of the features that a WarLight account can unlock and tells you which you have unlocked.

Check it out to see what features you’ve unlocked and what’s left to get.

Mega Strategy Pack

The Mega Strategy Pack unlocks dozens of new features within WarLight that you can use, such as all of cards and most of the game settings that WarLight offers. This is designed for players who don’t want to level up to unlock the features. See the list of everything it unlocks. The pack sells for $14.99.

Mega Maps Pack

The Mega Maps Pack makes all 1000+ of WarLight’s maps immediately available to you, regardless of your level. You’ll also get access to all new maps that map designers are releasing all the time. This is designed for players who don’t want to level up to unlock the maps. Check out the Mega Maps Pack for $14.99!

Misc Changes

– If you want to change your name more often than every 5 levels, you can now purchase a name change for $3.99 which lets you change it immediately. This also gives a week of ad-free play.
– In the map designer, there’s now a separate button for editing a map’s unlock level that explains more about the process and also recommends a level to use.
– Map unlock levels are now capped at max level with a reward + 2, currently 55.
– Fixed a bug that caused territory linking to not work if the chat box was kept open from the lobby.

6 thoughts on “Update 2.6: Unlockables page, Mega Strategy Pack and Mega Maps Pack”

  1. In my opinion, this is a poor update. I don’t mind the Unlockables page, but the packs are what bugs me. Why would you want to shell out $15 just so that you can access maps that are free-to-play and made for nonprofit?

    Same thing to the Strategy Pack. Why spend $15 when you can unlock them all just by playing for free?

    Final question: Do these packs have no effect on grandfathered accounts that already have some of these features?

  2. I really dont see the point in having to pay for maps that dont cost money to make. Sure paying to get features that are only unlocked when you pass a certain level is okay, but even then £15.00 is waaayyy to much.

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