Season XVI: No-split mode

Congrats to JV for winning Season XV with a very impressive 18-2 record!

Season XVI will introduce a new, never-before-seen setting that’s exclusive to the seasonal ladder: No-split mode!

No-split Mode

No-split mode is simple. In games where it is enabled, all attack/transfer orders must use every army available. When issuing an attack or transfer, there won’t even be a slider available to choose the number of armies:

In other words, if you have a big stack of armies, it isn’t possible to split that stack into smaller stacks. They must stay together forever. This changes the game’s strategy quite a bit, since you need to be conscious of when you want to combine armies onto the same territory.

The settings are similar to Strategic 1v1, except on the Modified Medium Earth map and of course, no-split mode. The template was can be viewed using these links, but you can’t play it with no-split mode yet since that setting is exclusive to the seasonal ladder (for now): Multi-Player, Single-Player

The season will begin at midnight on Tuesday (click to see this time in your local timezone as well as a countdown). Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Season XVI: No-split mode”

  1. Looks interesting; it’s variation anyway which is always good! I just hope that the no-split mode doesn’t slow games down a lot; with multiple borders to my one, I won’t want to move anywhere.

  2. Wow. A very old school strategy game feature makes a return! It will be interesting to see how this effects things.

  3. Fizzer,

    Are you sure those templates are correct; they have “attack by percentage” turned on; a setting which defaults to off… and seems to rather contradict the entire point of no-split mode. (Or is that just an artifact of how this new “secret function” works behind the scenes?)


    Pay attention everybody, “Can attack-only” and “Can transfer-only” are also enabled. I suspect transfer-only will be extremely useful, since it allows you to prevent combining stacks.

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