Season XV

Congrats to Killua Zaoldyeck for winning Season XIV!

Season XV will play on the Poland Big map:

This map has a unique bonus system that creates different strategies than what we’re used to. The template was designed by Szeweningen and can be viewed using these links: Multi-Player, Single-Player

The season will begin at midnight on Tuesday (click to see this time in your local timezone as well as a countdown). Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Season XV”

  1. Terrible map, and I can tell you who will win. That guy who posts the ‘PL – Who will fight me?’ games.

    1. Also, disgusting no mention of potential cheating and your verdict has been made. Why can’t you say whether ‘he’ is guilty or not?

  2. Please fizzer, give me and the others who reported him finally an answer! It’s hard to see you answering on other forum posts but not on the one who’s important to me. You’re the only one who can prove his guilty or innocence. Please do it.

  3. In the template settings, it says that surrenders must be accepted by all players. I believe that they should be instantly accepted.

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