Site and Android update 1.13.3

WarLight has just been upgraded to 1.13.3! This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

This update contains a lot of additions and improvements to the iPhone and Android clients. The website received a few improvements and bugfixes as well.

Website Changes

– The Map page now has links to start both single and multi-player games using that map.
– The vacations page now shows how many vacations you’ve used this year and how many remain.
– Loading a finished auto-save single-player game now causes it to record the win on your profile. This is useful if you lost internet connection when it tried to record the win the first time.
– Made a small change to the camera so it doesn’t move as often when trying to focus on territories near the edge of the map.
– Added a horizontal scroll bar to the map preview so distributions with long names can be seen entirely.
– The sign-in page now defaults the “keep me signed in” box to checked. This helps prevent session timeout problems.
– Fixed a bug that could cause private messages to duplicate if you hit enter multiple times.
– Fixed a bug that made the “Okay” button of the attack/transfer dialog not work if you first tried to issue an attack of 0 orders.
– Fixed a bug that would cause the “team chat pending” flag to stay stuck on if you declined a game without reading team chat, were removed by the host before you could read the team chat, or if the host swapped you from a team with unread team chat to a team with no team chat at all.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the “team chat pending” flag to stay stuck on if the player’s internet connection was unreliable.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the attack/transfer dialog to think you clicked the okay button when you actually clicked elsewhere.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error message when changing a development map to testing if it had a newly-created issue preventing it from being changed.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you tried to add someone to your invite list after your session had timed out.

Android Changes

This update contains a lot of improvements and bugfixes for the Android version. As usual, members can install it via the Android Installation wiki page.

– You can now re-arrange orders in the orders list. Simply drag the little up/down arrows.
– The orders list now slides in and out when tapping the widget in the upper-right. You can choose to either tap or slide it out.
– You can now tap orders in the orders list to select them, which also makes the camera focus on them just like in the web client.
– You can now double-tap on an order in the orders list to bring up extra information about it. This shows the same information that the web client shows when hovering your mouse over the order.
– You can now surrender and un-surrender via the game menu.
– Added the Players button to the game menu, which shows the data that the web client normally shows in the lower-right corner. This also allows you to accept and un-accept surrenders.
– Added the teammate warning, which causes the app to ask you if you want to attack or transfer to your teammates if it’s enabled in the Settings tab.
– Added the diplomacy warning, which causes the app to let you know when you try to issue an attack to a player that you can’t attack due to the diplomacy card.
– Improved layout on large-screen devices, such as tablets and iPads. More work is still needed, but it’s better than it was.
– Your device’s screen will no longer fade or go to sleep while game animations are playing.
– The army numbers no longer look as pixellated.
– The automatic zoom now zooms you in slightly further.
– Overhauled the lobby’s players list so it’s more presentable, and now also shows if you’ve blacklisted a player as the web client’s lobby does.
– Fixed numerous bugs that occurred when there was both pending public chat and pending team chat, and you read one type without reading the other.
– Fixed a bug with the camera movements that caused it to wobble a bit.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error when tapping the “No cards” label in some cases.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you locked and unlocked your phone while looking at a game.
– Fixed a bug that caused the map to jump around while deploying at very specific zoom levels.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you typed messages longer than 1024 characters.

13 thoughts on “Site and Android update 1.13.3”

  1. Great! Do you ever plan to bring some community features (rankings in round-robin tournaments; chat in the open games lobby; private messages; …)? Or is that simply not the way you want for WarLight?

    Btw. some month ago I made some thoughts about a more attractive landing page (infos, screenshots, registration, color picker). I did some _rough_ coding to visualize that. You can find it at . Of course, it is geared to Facebook & co. But Facebook & co are working. :-)


    1. Yes, I’d like to do all of those things some day.

      I like your design! I have plans to do a big website overhaul at some point after the iPhone / Android clients are done.

  2. Fantastic bit of bug fixing there! I hope you kept an eye on memory usage, freeing, and leaks too, as I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S with ICS on that I frequently have to close Warlight down on, in between switching games, to prevent it from running out of memory.


  3. “Great! Do you ever plan to bring some community features (rankings in round-robin tournaments; chat in the open games lobby; private messages; )?”

    All of these things already exist. Round robins rank players when the tournament is finished. There is already a chatroom (but not in the open games lobby) at . And you can privately message people in games or in the chatroom, unless you meant something else.

  4. Thanks. But I’ve meant rankings during a round-robin tournament. A lobby chat for all WarLight players that are actually online (I’ve visited the chat today – there were 5 idlers). And I’ve meant private messages between players without beeing in a game. :-)

          1. IRC doesn’t do much good if the other person isn’t on IRC at the same time as you…

            He means private messaging in the same sense as e-mail or something… something that isn’t instantaneous.

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