Android update 1.13.4

A new version of WarLight for Android is now available! Members can install this onto their phone or tablet via the usual way.

This release contains a bunch of additions, which brings the mobile client even closer to parity with the browser-based version.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

– You can now view your teammate’s orders. Select Menu -> View Players -> select your teammate -> View Teammate Orders.
– Added the receive card dialog. After watching a turn, if you received cards, the game now tells you which cards you got.
– Added “Inspect map” to the game menu, which allows you to see a territory’s connections, bonuses, etc. This is similar to the “More info” link in the web client.
– Added private chat support. Select Menu -> View Players -> select a player -> Send Private Message
– Added the ability to nudge and boot players. Select Nudge/Boot from the game menu.
– Added more settings to the Settings screen such as the ability to change your color and the ability to enable or disable settings such as receive card dialog, attack teammates warning, and skip begin click.
– Added turn indicators to chat.
– Added the ability to view player’s taglines and the small version of player’s profile pics. Viewing full profiles will come in a later release.
– Added the ability to report a player. Select Menu -> View Players -> select the player -> Report
– Added the ability to vote to end games.
– Territories now flash when you deploy to them, issue an attack to or from them, or play a card on them. This helps give feedback that you did something, which is especially helpful when your finger is covering the army number or you have sound disabled.
– The orders list now defaults to extended on large devices such as the iPad and tablets.
– Fixed spacing issues with the chat screen and re-arranged a few things.

8 thoughts on “Android update 1.13.4”

  1. Since this update I can’t use the warlight app on any of my 2 android devices.
    I have this error when I try to open one of my games :
    “Device does not support GL_OES_blend_subtract”

    Is there a way to have a link to the 1.13.3 version to reinstall it ?

      1. It’s alright for the HD2, restarting the phone after the install seems to have solve the problem.

        But the A501 still gives me th error I wrote earlier.

  2. Hi,

    I seem to have the exact same error on my samsung galaxy S2.
    Error says:”Sorry, your device is not powerful enough to run the Warlight app. (Device does not support GL_OES_blend_substract)”

    The problem is still there after reboot.

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