Members: Please take the ladder survey

Please click here to take the ladder survey. Because this survey has to do with WarLight ladders, and ladders are member-only features, this survey is open only to WarLight members.

This survey will help determine if there’s enough interest to create new WarLight ladders. Many options are presented, such as FFA ladders, a 3v3 Europe ladder, and seasonal ladders.

This survey also proposes a change to the 2v2 ladder. The 2v2 ladder currently starts players with 5 armies on each territory. If the measure passes, players would start with 4. If you’re in the 2v2 ladder, make sure you vote!

3 thoughts on “Members: Please take the ladder survey”

  1. Yeah, would be nice to know. I hope that there will be no additional ladders. This would just split the already small ladders into even smaller ladders. The 1vs1 and 2vs2 ladders should be pushed a little before they get splitted again.

    You know my suggestions about getting new members into the ladder and about making the ladders more attractive. :)

    1. We’re waiting for a fourth game in the 2vs2 ladder for more than a day now. That’s no problem. There are 3 games in average per day that get finished so I think we’ll get a new one tomorrow or the day after. But how would that end up with even more ladders? It may end up with one game a week and a high chance to get familiar enemies. That may cause a decrease in ladder players.

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