Upcoming 2v2 ladder setting change

As voted on in the previous blog post, the 2v2 ladder will have a small setting change. The initial number of armies that each player-owned territory starts with will change from 5 to 4.

This change will make it more difficult for players to capture a bonus on the first turn. A similar change was recently made to the 1v1 ladder, so this brings the settings more in sync with each other.

This won’t take effect on until the next WarLight release goes live (v1.09). This will only affect games created after it goes live — existing games will not be touched.

The voting was very close! I e-mailed all members of the 2v2 ladder that hadn’t voted, so the turnout was very good — almost everyone in the 2v2 ladder voted. 28% voted to keep it at 5 armies, 32% voted to change it to 4, and 30% voted that they did not care.

Ultimately I’m confident that the change will make the games more engaging. However, the change does require a shift in strategy, so be sure not to let it take you by surprise!

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      1. 10% didn’t answer the question, so actually you should probably add 10% to the “don’t care” option. The question was included amongst other ladder related questions, so it is expected that many of the responders didn’t care about the 2v2.

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