Cheap thrills: Watch the AI play itself!

Just click this link, then click “Next” at the bottom.

This will make an entire game of WarLight play out before your eyes in mere seconds. Root for your favorite color to win!

If you want to take it to the next level, you can check the “Customize” box and pick any of WarLight’s 150+ maps, use any of the many game settings, or set the AIs up into teams.

Find settings that are fun to watch? Save them as a template and post their URL in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

12 thoughts on “Cheap thrills: Watch the AI play itself!”

  1. BTW. It’s a bit buggy, I let the AI select their starting positions, and then when I go back to history to see their picks, I get the following error:

    History.PickChange::TypeError TypeError (1009): Error #1009
    at warlight\shared\viewmodels\spe\
    at live\livestates\history\
    at shared\

    1. Yeah, the AI is slow on the extremely big maps :)

      I wouldn’t recommend USA Big, or at least not with more than 2 AIs that start with 1 territory each. And even then you have to be a bit patient :)

      1. Haha! As soon as I saw this article I inmediatly made a game with 6 AI’s and 3 teams on the big USA map, to see what it’d do.
        For some reason the territories were all divided, there was no neutral territory, so all bonuses had 6 players in them. Each turn took about 5 seconds for my PC, which isn’t such a fast computer, and after a hundred turns no AI had conquered a bonus yet. One AI started with 7 income, because he had Washington, and after about 120 turns he conquered a bonus, and then he was quickly conquering land. After another 20 turns his teammate got a bonus too and they were both conquering the whole map. After 198 turns in total, it was done.
        So it IS possible, it just take a while…

  2. BTW. I don’t suggest playing Europe Challenge with only AIs since they don’t know how to use the airlift card and it will never end (at least until you close the tab with the game :3).

  3. dunno if anyone else has thought of that or maybe itīs obvious, but i just realised that this is a great tool for map creators testing their maps and distributions. it allows you very quickly to test the different scenarios and examine their potential and check for any problems. so apart from being good fun itīs actually a valuable testing tool.
    i have just tested a few scenarios on my new map ‘Lebanese Israeli Wars’ and the ‘2006 War’ distribution produced an epic battle. will make this new map public very shortly.

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