Announcing WarLight 1.7

WarLight will be going down on Sunday, September 18th at 5am PDT (12pm GMT) to add new features. If all goes well, it should only be down for about 20 minutes. Please plan accordingly for any fast games or single player games that may get interrupted during this time.

During this time, WarLight will be upgraded to v1.07.0. This blog post contains a summary of what’s changing.

Saving Single-Player Games

Single-player games can now be saved and resumed! To do this, visit the Saved Games sub-tab under the Single Player main tab.

When you save a game for the first time, WarLight will ask if you if you want to enable auto-save. If you disable auto-save, it will work like most single-player games do in that you can save a game, try a few things, and then load the game back to an earlier turn.

If you enable auto-save, the game will automatically overwrite the last save each time you take a turn. This means you cannot re-load back to an earlier turn. In order for a win of one of the six built-in levels to count, you must enable auto-save. This means that without auto-save, wins won’t award gold stars, appear on your profile, or lower the turn times showed on the single player tab.

Saved games are saved onto your local computer, not the server, so you must resume each game on the same computer as you started it.

Window Animations can be Disabled

By visiting the Settings tab, players can disable the small “flip up” animation that were added in 1.06. After disabling it, the windows will appear instantly.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug that caused armies to appear moveable out of a territory that is being gifted.
– Fixed a bug that caused the players panel to show a blank state for players who surrendered during territory distribution.
– Fixed a bug that caused neutral 0s to sometimes show blank instead of 0.
– Fixed a bug that caused AI territory selection to overflow on extremely big maps.
– When using a territory limit, AIs now pick an appropriate number of territories instead of picking every territory on the map.

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