Upcoming 1v1 ladder setting change

The results from the recent vote are in! The vote was about whether or not the 1v1 ladder should start players with 5 armies on each of their territories or 4.

– ~14% voted to keep the ladder the way it is
– ~75% voted to change the armies from 5 to 4
– ~10% voted that they didn’t care.

75% versus 14% is pretty overwhelming, so the measure passes! As is convention, all changes to ladder settings are announced on the blog at least a week before they take effect, so this change will be included in the upcoming release 1.07.1 hopefully next week.

This change may seem minor, as it’s only a 3 army difference, but it’s important as it makes it more difficult to capture bonuses on the very first turn. I’m confident this will be a good change going forward. But beware: any time there’s a change in the settings it’s important to remember it requires an adjustment in strategy. Some of the early-game strategies you’re used to may not work like they did before.

This will only affect games that start after 1.07.1 is live. Since this is a change to the Strategic 1 v 1 template, this will also affect the 1v1 auto games. If this bothers you, remember you can always easily create your own 1v1 games using the old settings.

It’s a good idea to get some practice in before your first ladder game with the new settings! You can use these templates: Multi-player / single-player.

There will be another poll soon about changing this in the 2v2 ladder. Stay tuned to the forum.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming 1v1 ladder setting change”

  1. THRILLED that this is going into effect! As I mentioned in the voting thread, this will only make the Ladder more competitive as it eliminates the majority of the “lucky wins”. I’m also quite happy to see that the vast majority of the WL Members agree with me on this.

  2. Some change is alwas better than no change, I think that’s why the majority voted in favor of 4 armies. Personally I think this still doesn’t address the underlying problem of initial armies per territory being static. It doesn’t really matter if it’s 4 or 5 or 100 per territory. As long as it is always the same amount it will always result in the same repetitive openings. We would see some real changes in players’ strategies if those 3×3 armies could be distributed freely after territory selection is done.

  3. too bad — a nice expression of dictatorship of the majority.
    it’s not just because it’s ‘voted,’ that it’s democratic.
    i don’t like that rule, i don’t like the way it was put on the decision-making table, i don’t like how the decision occurred.

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