15 thoughts on “Activision is suing us!”

  1. Donated what little I can. What is the best customer service email we can all message to respectfully suggest they go fuck themselves?

  2. I donated $10 to help out, this is ridiculous. While it does seem like Activision might just crush Warzone with its immense power, a David vs Goliath ending would be amazing. Best of luck Fizzer!

    1. i won’t work as the donate page says the had the name earlier (10 years) soo unless activision spends a lot of money try to get the name then it’s a losing battle for both side so donate as much as you can

  3. I normally wouldn’t spend so much on a F2P game considering money doesn’t usually come easy to me, but I bought the new support bundle, the one for 70$, mainly to support you through this issue. Lawyers are not cheap, and I despise that they are doing this to you.. I hope things work out and you manage to fight this successfully!

  4. Have you considered selling them the name and trademark for many millions of dollars?

    I always liked the name Warlight better, anyway. Warzone is just so generic.

    Just a thought.

  5. While it is unfair that they would try to steal the name from you … shouldn’t you better consider to change the name. Warlight, Warzone, Risk of war, Zone of war, anything … we all continue to love this game under any naming and continue playing it.

  6. The fact that Activision is being gay again and suing a browser game is starting to scare me, plus Activision has a pretty bad reason on why they are suing us. And Activision has no evidence that we copied them, this game came out three years ago, so I think Activision only copied us because they are to retarded to actually come up with a good name.

  7. Is it better to donate to the GoFundMe or just buy an extra on the game? Which payment method gets you more money to fight this?

      1. Yes, absolutely. The GoFundMe makes the guarantee that the funds will be used ONLY for legal expenses, but supporting by any methods helps Warzone. Please feel free to do whichever you’d prefer.

  8. No matter the outcome of the case, the publicity should attract a lot of new players to this game. Either way, it is a win :)

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