Update 5.07.9

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.07.9! This update makes some improvements to many different areas of both games. This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website and standalone clients have been updated to this version now. The Android apps will be updated within the next week. The iOS apps will be updated early next year, as Apple doesn’t allow updating apps over the holidays so we have to wait for them.

Artifacts Improvement

All activatable artifacts now have a 16 hour cooldown instead of 24 hours. That makes them all immediately 1/3rd more powerful!

Idle Battle Improvements

Warzone’s newest feature, Battles, is getting a bunch of improvements in this update.

First, your current place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) is now always printed in the top left corner so it’s easier to tell how you’re doing. While you could determine this before by opening the battle panel on the right side, it required counting the number of spaces you were from the top. This wasn’t easy to do in the heat of battle, and it was even more difficult on mobile where the battle panel was usually closed. So having this update in real-time makes it easy to see how your actions modify your standing.

Second, the way attack sizes are calculated was overhauled. Prior to this update, when someone attacks you, it used your armies/sec value as the basis for determining how many armies it took to re-capture the territories you lost in the attack. With this update, it will not look at your armies/sec value and instead will base the attack size purely off of how much time has passed in the battle. While this may seem like a subtle change, it actually has a profound effect on the strategy used in battles. Now, getting a higher armies/sec will be much more beneficial than prior to this update.

Finally, many bugs and glitches have been fixed in battles so it should be a smoother, more reliable experience. Once it undergoes more testing, the plan is to eventually increase the frequency of battles to more than once per hour. Happy battling!

App Settings to Website

When on a UJS page, such as Idle or a multi-player game, you’ll now find a “App Settings” menu option to the account drop-out in the top right (click on your name). This allows configuring many settings that were previously only available on mobile, such as the ability to turn off balloons in the idle game, turn off grouped attacks in the classic game, or to adjust the volume of the sound effects.

Other Changes

– Idle: The auto-smelt advancement will now activate smelters/crafters that were deactivated. This means it can start smelting/crafting a new smelter or crafter for you without you having to do it yourself.
– Idle: Super camp upgrades now show a red number in the bottom left corner if it’s unlocked and you can afford to upgrade it.
– Idle: Trying to start a level more than 3 above your highest completed level now gives you a message asking if you’re sure you want to skip so many levels. Some players were skipping a lot then complaining about how slow it was since they were missing so many advancements.
– Website: Added custom description of pages for multi-player games, map preview, tournaments, and template links. This will allow services that pull in description, such as Discord, to display proper text under their links. Thanks to ps for suggesting this.
– Unity: Added option in the settings to censor inappropriate words in game names and chat messages.
– Classic: When inspecting a territory in a team game, it now shows the team of the player who controls the territory.

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  1. – Classic: When inspecting a territory in a team game, it now shows the team of the player who controls the territory.


    OMG! Best improvement for colorblind people!!

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