Update 5.07.10

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.07.10! This update makes some improvements to many different areas of both games. This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website and standalone clients have been updated to this version now. The Android and iOS apps will be updated within the next week.


– Idle: Added “Unclaimed Powers” button to the bottom of the mines tab that shows you all powers on the map that are waiting for you to claim them.
– Idle: Added “Un-dug dig sites” button to the bottom of the mines tab that shows you all dig sites in the current level that you’ve conquered but not yet started to dig.
– Idle: All levels we re-generated. This could cause costs, asset locations, recipes, etc. to be changed slightly. If you were in the middle of playing a level when you update to this version, you’ll keep playing the old version of the level. But all new levels started after updating will be on the new version of the level. For those keeping track at home, these new versions of the levels are called revision 13. Note if you start a new version of a level, then switch to a device using an older version of Warzone Idle, you won’t be able to play it there. Please update all your devices to the latest version to avoid this.
– Idle: Removed one-territory bonuses from the levels Roads of Silk and Iron, Rise and Fall, Ursa:Luna, Sengoku, and Asia: Population Density. Also removed the “Asia” bonus from War Of the Worlds, and overlapping bonuses on Reconquest.
– Idle: Decreased ore given from low-level mines to encourage upgrading them.
– Idle: Decreased crafter profitability in a few levels.
– Idle: Dig sites and arenas can now appear earlier in levels.
– Idle: Tuned formula that determines how expensive techs are.
– Idle: Tuned challenge levels. Expect them to be more difficult now.
– Idle: Increased autoconquer limit.
– Idle: Increased battle attack strength.
– Idle: Added a help button next to artifacts for newbies that explain how they work.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that could cause an error in challenge levels when capturing an enemy smelter.
– Idle: Fixed money/sec not showing up for territories when it was below 0.5
– Idle: Fixed market raid powers appearing in levels that have no markets.
– Idle: Improved syncing of battle rewards to try and mitigate loss of reward when playing on multiple devices.
– All: Names in the chat room now only show the first 20 characters to prevent long names from messing up the layout.

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