Update 4.20.7: Small Update

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.20.7! This is a small update which fixes a few bugs and makes some minor improvements. This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is available now on the website. The iOS and Android apps should be updated to this version within a week or two.


– All: Quickmatch templates are now sorted by rating, so you most played templates will always bubble to the top.
– All: Increased maximum tournament rounds from 7 to 8, allowing for 256 player 1v1 tournaments.
– All: Chat raffles now have some randomness in their size.
– All: Fixed “MapLocked” error.
– All: Fixed “data already migrated” error.
– Unity: Fixed a bug with block list cache not refreshing. Thanks to JK_3 for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed minor alignment issues.
– Unity: Updated Text Mesh Pro from 1.3.0 to 1.5.0p2
– UJS: Fixed display of dates on vacation icons. Thanks to Derfellios for reporting this.
– UJS: Fixed “not connected to socket” error.
– Android: Fixed a bug that could cause a push notification to open a game when you didn’t open the notification.
– Android: Fixed a bug that made the text not selected by default for replacing.
– iOS: Fixed “did not parse” error.

3 thoughts on “Update 4.20.7: Small Update”

  1. Good update, but I have a major problem with this one in the mobile version (Android): I can’t copy the game link anymore from the settings. If I want to share a game I have to do it on PC

    I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with Android 9

  2. Not really on topic, but if someone can find me a better place to put this, please say so.

    I enjoy making commerce games, but one of my major complaints is this. While we do have the ability to change the COST of cities, there is no way to change the value of them.

    In some games where bonuses are very high (in the tens or hundreds), having cities worth one can be annoying. Either they are too cheap and are spammed at a ridiculous rate, or they are too expensive and it takes forever to recuperate their value. I can’t imagine it would be to difficult to implement a feature like this, and if it was, I and many other players would probably enjoy it (or at least enjoy having the option).

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