Update 4.20.2: Updated Unity

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.20.2! This is a small update with some bug fixes and improvements. This post describes what’s changed.

This version is live now on the website. The Android and iOS apps will be updated over the coming weeks.

Upgrading Unity

This update upgrades the version of Unity that’s used from 2017.4 to 2018.4. This is a big upgrade which only happens once per year. Due to this upgrade, I’m being extra careful in the release, and trying to ensure everything gets extra testing to avoid breaking anything. Due to the extra caution, the update will roll out slowly across iOS and Android.

In addition to upgrading Unity, I’ve also taken the opportunity to re-organize a lot of the internal code with the goal of increasing the performance and reducing the startup time. The iOS and Android apps now start up faster than ever, and the WebGL app can load in less than 1.9 seconds!

Other Changes

– Unity/UJS: Fixed color of team label when inviting players to a fixed team game.
– Unity/UJS: Fixed invite-by-code so it doesn’t appear in single player. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– Unity: Un-bolded main font style.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that made the Standalone and WebGL apps show wrong prices in the store. Thanks to Baneos for reporting this.
– Website: When viewing a tournament with mods on the website, the names of the mods are now shown.
– All: Fixed a bug that caused errors if you made a tournament with mods and the “non members can use mods” box checked.

5 thoughts on “Update 4.20.2: Updated Unity”

  1. Hey Fizzer,

    You should increase the size of the chat box on the side of tournaments. It is really annoying to not see the entire sentence you’re typing.

  2. I meant the chat box on the tournament page, not the ingame one. I tried to drag the box on the tournament page, but it only gives me a cursor or selects the background.

  3. Can we pick the community level for the week so we know what is the best level between all of the levels in the week?

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