Update 4.19: Invite via code, banking boot times

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.19.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

This update is live now on the website. The Android app will be updated in the coming days, and the iOS app will be updated in the coming weeks.

Banking boot times

Game creators can now specify banking boot time to be added based on a schedule.

If you aren’t familiar with banking boot times, this is a way to go over the boot time in a game without getting booted. Doing so will deplete your banked time, and you’ll only be able to be booted if your bank time reaches zero. If you’ve played a real-time game with banking boot times, you’ll see a second clock in the upper right corner that starts depleting when the first clock reaches 0.

Prior to this update, it was only possible to start the game with banked time, which would never replenish after being used. Now, game creators can specify for banked time to replenish, as a factor of how much time passes.

For example, let’s say you’re making a multi-day game with a 24 hour boot time and 24 hours of banked time. Starting with this update, you can now define that 4 hours of banked time is added to each player every day, which is awarded when the turn advances. This means that, over the course of a week, players will get 28 hours of time added to their bank. This allows players who are active 6 days of the week to still participate in that game, as they can skip one day per week and still not get booted.

Note that your banked time can never exceed the amount you started the game with. In the example above, no player could ever go over 24 hours of banked time, since that’s how much you started with.

One of the goals of this system is to make multi-day Quickmatch more accessible to players who aren’t able to play every day. Once this feature is proven reliable, it will be enabled for Quickmatch which will allow players to skip a day without having to worry about getting booted from multi-day Quickmatch games.

Other Boot Time Improvements

Multi-day games now show the clock in the upper right corner just like real-time games do. This makes it easier to tell how much time you have left in a game.

When viewing a list of your games, the boot time displayed below the map thumbnail now adds in your current banked time. For example, in a game with 1 minute boot times plus 3 minutes banked, the thumbnail will show 4 minutes at the start of the game. As you use up your bank, the number displayed will accurately go down to show you how much time you really have to take your current turn. This makes it much easier to see at a glance how much time you really have to take your turn.

Also when viewing a list of your games, multi-day games where it’s your turn now sort by how long you have until you get booted. This makes it much easier to see which games are in most danger since those games will always be put at the top of your list.

Invite via code

When creating a multi-player game, you now have the option to invite players via a code instead of inviting them directly:

You can then share this 4-digit code with anybody. They’ll be able to type it into a special box on the Open Games page which will join them to your game. This makes it much easier to start a game with your friends as it alleviates the need to enter all the players before starting.

Once all your friends have joined the game, the game creator can click on the new Start Game button to start it. Once it’s started, no more players can join it.

One specific use of this is making it easier for brand new players to get into a game with their friends. Prior to this update, the game creator had to either use e-mail invites, or wait for all players to make an account and then locate those friends’ accounts by hand. Now, they can just give the code to all their friends and everything will work out.

Other Changes

– All: Added new single-player levels, and tweaked some of the previously added ones. Thanks to Lepanto31 for level suggestions.
– All: Removed vote-to-boot.
– All: Fixed a bug that made points not be awarded for new single player levels in some cases. Thanks to Hornet for reporting this.
– Unity/UJS: The lobby now has a Start Game button that allows the game creator to start any multi-player game. For a non-code game, this is just a shortcut to removing all open seats and players who haven’t accepted the invite.
– Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug that made single-player levels with AI teammates not show their orders for the first turn after resuming a saved level. Thanks to Nemo for reporting this.
– Unity/UJS: Fixed a mod limitation to allow mods to transfer armies in an unsuccessful transfer order. Thanks to Krzystof for reporting this.
– Website: Fixed [hr] inside of [code]. Thanks to TBest for being the first to report this.
– Unity: The “Past Games” button on the multi-player tab is not shown to players with no games.
– iOS/Android: Fixed a bug with clan in-app purchase.

8 thoughts on “Update 4.19: Invite via code, banking boot times”

  1. I don´t know where its coming from, but I sure know where its going. Mostly in my pockets, but sometimes into DanWL´s and Lightnings´s. Occasionally some coins are stolen by McQueen, Drama, Ryan Doherty and huddyj, and the pennies are left for the freefolk.

  2. I imagine “waiting to join” counts as zero boot time? I’d rather they were in between games where it is my turn and games my turn has been done.

  3. I asked it in a post a few months ago and then most said it was not implemented on purpose … but now it has been suddenly. I do not know what changed but I am happy it is there. it will prevent many time outs.

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