Update 4.07.1: Mail in app

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.07.1! This update brings improvements and fixes to the game.

This blog post describes what’s new. In addition to the features below, this update will bring features from the previous updates to the mobile app, such as the new analyze tool for no-luck games.

This update is available right now for the website and standalone versions of the game. The Android app will be available soon, likely tonight or tomorrow. The iOS version should be available within a week.

The app can now read mail threads

Prior to this update, Warzone mails could only be read on the website at warzone.com. This created an issue where players who only play within the iOS or Android app would never even know if someone had sent them mail, and therefore never read it.

With this update, anytime you have unread mail the button in the top right corner will flash a small envelope icon. Tapping this and then tapping Mail will allow you to read and reply to mail threads directly in the app.


– Unity: Pressing the enter key after clicking on the attack/transfer mode button no longer closes the attack/transfer dialog. Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed the positioning of the profile popup window on the lobby. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed a bug that made attack arrows appear from the destination territory when double-clicking to attack a territory. They should only appear on triple-clicks.
– Unity: Increased default map buffer to 3, to allow more space on the edges when zoomed in.
– Unity: Updated Unity to 2017.4
– Quickmatch: Fixed a bug that could cause templates to randomly check themselves.
– UJS: Fixed disabled buttons. Thanks to Master of the Dead for reporting this.

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