Update 3.17.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.17.1! This is a small update to fix some bugs and add some minor features. Here’s what’s changed:

– Added a “Play Random” button to the top of the Community Levels page. This button will play a random community level that you have not beaten.
– Inverted the order of seasons on the seasonal ladder page.
– Tweaked forum voting: The threshold for hiding/promoting posts within a thread is now less than the threshold for hiding/promoting threads.
– Fixed a bug that caused custom single player games created off of a template to not save.
– Fixed a bug with the “jump to last page” link in the clan forum.

2 thoughts on “Update 3.17.1: Small update”

  1. Why would you not add limits to thread postings of sorts? Forum has been repeatedly decimated over the past few weeks. Seems like an easy enough thing to code in and would be extremely effective at limiting the forum stupidity.

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