WarLight in 2017

Check out this video for news about WarLight’s plans for 2017:

13 thoughts on “WarLight in 2017”

  1. the inflated points for coin games ruins the point level system, which is already problematic because it get so extremely hard to advance at higher levels. The idea of buying assets in a game is likewise unfair to those who choose to play for fun.

  2. I’m really digging the idea of objectives.

    Like say, one team has to survive until turn 20 in the fortress while the other team has to kill everyone before their time runs out.

    Please prioritize giving mods the necessary resources to do this if you can, though it’s probably the most complex-to-program idea out of the mix.

  3. Wow. I kind of love this idea since I have been programming games with Unity for about 3 years now, and it is simply awesome that this game will be programmed in Unity and probably add mods!
    The new design seems to be pretty nice, and I am sure you will get the cards to work soon, too.
    But all in all, the most interesting idea for me are the mods, just because they offer SO many new possibilities. Please keep going with this, Fizzer!
    And I am glad to know that WL is still being developed.


  4. Excited for the current ‘roadmap’. Will the Unity UI be tweak-able? If so, will it be changeable enough to make a sort of “legacy” look, mimicking the old flash appearance?

  5. I am so ready for you to fix the app. I love this game soooo much and it’s been so long since I’ve had a pc to play it on. I’ve gotten used to it, but the app needs sooo many fixes. Thank you fizzer for making such a good game and working to fix it.

  6. I was really hoping for an official Diplomacy feature, however a mod thing would be good too. I’m sick of playing with people who just decide to band together and ignore the rules :/

  7. I’m very excited for this release and for special mods in the future! One thing that I think would be really cool is a cities feature, where you could invest armies into developing a territory into a city or something. Perhaps that’s too complicated, but it would also be cool to have, like wastelands, cities that provide extra armies and act as critical locations.

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