Update 3.15: New single-player levels, community levels

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.15.0! This blog post describes what’s changed. I hope you’ll also join me in my twitch.tv live stream this Thursday where we’ll be talking through these changes in detail, and I’ll be answering your questions!

New Single-Player Levels

The Single Player tab now features WarLight’s new campaign! This combines the 34 levels that were previously available only under the “preview levels” link along with the tutorial to make for a 35-level campaign that replaces the old 7 levels WarLight used to have.

The old levels can still be played via this link.

This update is the third part of the single-player overhaul, which is now complete on WarLight.net. The next, and final, step of the single-player overhaul is to launch these new levels in WarLight’s mobile app (iOS and Android).

Community Levels

It’s now possible to publish your own single-player level! In the My Levels tab, there’s now a “Publish” button. Publishing a level will make it public and available to everyone to see and play it in the new Community Levels tab.

In order to publish a level, you have to be able to beat your own level. This ensures that all levels you’ll find in Community Levels are actually beatable.

All published levels keep track of, and display, the player who can defeat the level in the fewest number of turns. Note that the level creator can never set the record for their own level.

As a level publisher, you’ll be able to see some information about people playing your level. You can see a graph of how many turns it’s players to beat it, how many players have attempted it, and you can even watch the full replay of any game that sets a world record for the fastest time.

I’m looking forward to watching the warfare on community levels! Can you defeat a level that nobody else can? Can you design a level that nobody else can beat? I’d like to see you try!

Other Changes

– Level “Kill or be killed”: Gave the player one additional territory to start.
– Level “Caesar’s challenge”: Boss health now varies based on its stage.
– Level “Sinsiter Water”: Enemy AIs now have commanders.
– Level “Finding the limit”: Reduced difficulty.
– Defeating built-in single player levels while signed in now give points. 2500 for the first win, and an additional 2500 for earning a gold star.
– Non-members now see a short video ad before starting a new single player level instead of the banner ads. The first three levels will never show ads.
– Fixed a bug with Autopilot that made it cause errors if the button was clicked too quickly.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error in history if you switch perspective while viewing the last turn of a game.

19 thoughts on “Update 3.15: New single-player levels, community levels”

  1. Whenever you view a community level’s saves, the name shows up as your name, not whoever’s save it is. I don’t know if this is intentional, or if it is a bug.

    1. Yeah, that’s because it loads the game as a single player game, and single player games assume that it was you that was playing.

  2. The publish function seems to be glitchy. I tried publishing a level twice. both times I completed it and both times it failed to publish.

  3. Is there no longer a way to check the play stats of the single player levels? While in beta. the preview levels gave you some stats on overall number of plays and victories as well as your plays and victories. I don’t see a means to view that information any longer.

  4. Every time i try to “Play and Publish” a game it will load the game then there is a Advertising and then ist says to me “when you deafeated your Level it will be publish” or something like that. when i click then “Ok” it loads again and there is Again an Advertising and thats every time over and over and over again.. i did somehow make it to do 1 game publish…

  5. i think i found the bug myself. when my mouse is on the Advertising and then the game should load ist not working. when my mouse is ont the very top Task the game loads. i dont know why…

    1. Your profile should show stats of your records beating built-in levels. However, it won’t show details of beating community levels. There’s a message when you beat a community levels that says “This has been saved to your profile” — that message is a mistake, and will be changed in the next update.

  6. I’m not getting the 2500 for beating the level, and it’s not showing up on my profile. Also, even though I have locks over all the levels, I can access any that I beat during the preview.

  7. Is there a bug with the new Ceasar’s Challenge update? I’m on turn 70 and I’ve been throwing massive armies at the clones for about 40 moves now and they won’t die.

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