Update 3.14.1: Preview level updates, other fixes

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.14.1! This is a small update that improves the preview single player levels and fixes a few things. This blog post lists the changes:

– When watching a turn where a player is eliminated, the lower-right players section no longer says Eliminated until you actually watch the elimination.
– The tournament page’s refresh button disables itself for a second after being clicked so it can’t be spammed.
– Bonus rewards on new maps must be between -1000 and +1000.
– The power of all boss’s is now equal to their health. This number is now always shown above their head.
– Modified the boss’s behavior to be less random.
– Adjusted difficulty of levels “World War 2320”, “Someone stole my oil”, “World War Pixel” and “Hopscotch”. Wiped level results for Hopscotch.
– Level “Finding the Limit” now uses the Republic of Macedonia map.
– Prod AI now tries to defend it’s commander when threatened.
– Removed Pink Lace from purchasable colors.
– Fixed a bug that could cause territories to not fog properly when commander is killed via a blockade or emergency blockade card.
– Fixed a bug when a boss transfers that could cause it to disappear into the fog temporarily. It should always be visible.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you surrendered a single player game during territory selection.
– Fixed a bug with the “map of the week” auto game that caused the achievement for winning to not be awarded if the game finished after the map of the week switched to the next week.
– Fixed a bug with the airlift dialog that allowed typing numbers into the box before a destination had been selected.

13 thoughts on “Update 3.14.1: Preview level updates, other fixes”

  1. Why remove Pink Lace? What happens to the people who bought it already? (I haven’t, but just curious.)

  2. It was a really good idea to add those extra coluors: some people are happy to be more “original” while you get additional $$$. Could you consider extending this idea for custom patterns for neutral territories so that some people could invest their money to make make their WL look even better?
    I have wrote about it in that thread:


    Also I have asked You about that idea during one of the “ask Fizzeer…” question but you replied that it is not necessary since the old one is ok… I agree it is ok (although a bit boring) but if there are some folks eager to pay for nicer pink color then maybe you could also allow us to have a better choice of those patterns? It should not be complicated to implement I suppose….

  3. Now, the map editor outlines every polygon, even those that have no rim in the inkscape adjustments (none territory). Is that issue related to this update?

  4. Well done with the tweaks to 2320. The extra AI and the addition of reinforcements ensured that the other AIs didn’t get too strong to prove too difficult. Makes it much more accessible for newer players.

    I went from completing it in 21 turns (with boss beelining to Europe) to completing in 18 with boss staying in NA the entire time. If anything, the other AIs may now be TOO weak!

  5. I found the Macedonia level (Finding the Limit) harder than the last level since this update. Still, it’s a massive improvement on the old version, which was easy but incredibly tedious.

    The only changes I can see in the last level are that several bonus areas have had their bonuses increased by 2 and the starting troops have increased by 2, so I’d suggest all the increases should only be by 1. I have completed it twice in 6 attempts since the update (with 1 surrender from a winnable position because I was going far too slowly for the record). It still annoys me that it’s very luck-based, but there is now too much margin for error if you have bad luck – even with a terrible start (like not killing the Europe AI until turn 13) it’s still clearly winnable. Before the update I had a record of 0 in 98 attempts, so that was too hard, and a middle ground should do nicely!

  6. – When watching a turn where a player is eliminated, the lower-right players section no longer says Eliminated until you actually watch the elimination.

    -> Good but should be the same for surrender (or turned AI for whatever the reason).

    1. mike, the only thing about that, is surrenders *change into AI* is the first thing that happens in a turn before anything else.. so the change between being done at the beginning of the turn and when it procs, would literally have nothing done in between except for other player surrenders.

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