Update 3.10: Twitch.tv integration, history overhaul

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.10.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Twitch.tv integration

Whenever someone is streaming WarLight on twitch.tv, a link to their stream will automatically be advertised at the top of WarLight’s website (just to the right of the Help button.) If you see a stream advertised here, drop on in and say hi!

To kick off the feature, I will be doing an AMA (ask-me-anything) stream where I field your questions. After that, TheWarLightMaster is hosting a live-streamed tournament.

If you’re interested in streaming WarLight on Twitch and want your stream advertised here, just make sure you enter the game exactly as “WarLight” and also make sure that the “Inappropriate for younger audiences” check-box is not checked. (Edit: For now, also add ” – WarLight” to the end of your stream name. Twitch’s search seems a little finicky. This requirement should be removed in a future update.) It should appear within a few minutes.

History Overhaul

The UI behind the History feature has been overhauled! When viewing history, the UI now is embedded in the left side of the screen instead of in a pop-up window so that it never obscures the map.

It also now selects all orders by default so you can more easily see what occurred on a turn. This makes it easier to click through a game and see what occurred at a glance rather than clicking through orders individually.

When viewing the history of a finished game with fog, you can now view the game from a fogged perspective of a single player. Simply select a player’s name from the list, and you’ll see only the territories they could see at that point in the game.

When playing history, orders are now concealed until they are played much like they are when watching a new turn. This helps avoid spoilers from appearing in the orders list during live-streams.

Recent Games Page

The new Recent Games page, located under the Community tab, lets members see games by any players that were completed in the last 24 hours. One goal of this page is for live-streamers that want to look for interesting games to find and review.

The page has an algorithm to try and rank how interesting games are. For example, it ranks games with high ladder ranks more highly than games without, coin/tournament/ladder games higher, and lottery games lower.

In-progress real-time games now always show up in the My Games section

If you change your My Games filter away from the default, you may notice that in-progress real-time games always show up, even if they don’t match the filter. This should help players who play a mix of multi-day and real-time games, as it makes it easier to find the real-time games you’re in without having to switch back to the default filter.

Other Changes

– The Past Games page now sorts by the date the game ended.
– Your templates are now sorted by how recently you used them to create a multi-player game.
– The ability to override bonuses has been moved to a high level, and some level rewards were re-arranged to make room for it.
– The bomb card now shows a faded “Bomb” over the territory, like the abandon and blockade cards do.
– Ads are automatically disabled when purchasing a membership instead of requiring users to uncheck a box.
– Live-streamers can now create open tournaments for free for the use of live-streaming. Visit https://www.warlight.net/RequestLivestreamPermission to request this.
– Removed links to the old My Games and Open Games pages. They can still be accessed by url for now: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?MyGames=1 https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?OpenGames=1

39 thoughts on “Update 3.10: Twitch.tv integration, history overhaul”

  1. YES this is great! I’m glad that twitch and streaming is going to be encouraged. Perhaps WGL will start back up now =)

  2. Fizzer,

    Please re-add the My Games and Open Games options.
    Many players still use these to get to their games or to search for new games.

    The Dashboard is great, but some of us just want to stick with the old (good) things!

      1. Same here – or at least make the dashboard less cluttered so you can see what’s going on. I’d actually prefer to see it default to the “My Games” page like it used to.

        1. I’m signing too
          “My games” gives more compact information than that huge dashboard with everything together

  3. Why the hell would you remove the My Games/Open Games pages? They worked fine, and the dashboard is absolutely terrible for finding new games compared to the old page.

      serious… if not…. I DONT PLAY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. While I’m loving the new changes that are happening to Warlight, Please bring back the my games and open games tab… it was so much easier to navigate, and some things are best left unchanged.

  5. To find a new game you have to get to the dashboard, scroll past promoted gold games, then click the plus sign to show more than 6 open games?

    I’d like to look at the person who thought it’s a good idea.

    Twitch thing is nice, and I especially enjoyed the new history.

  6. Awesome update! The history box has always been bugging me and I think the twitch update is a great thing for growing and making a better WLcommunity :)


    Cmon Fizzer, i know it’s easier to remove then to put back but please?

  8. This update kills playability for anyone on a slow connection.

    I’m in the Solomon Islands on a slow connection. Previously I only had to wait 5 minutes for the loading screen when clicking “open games”. Now there is a 5 minute loading screen for EVERY GAME. The outcome is that most multiplayer games have started by the time I can join. Every single 1v1 game has already started.

    I can now no longer play this game and will not be renewing my membership.

  9. Please don’t force us to use something we don’t particularly like whatsoever. The new dashboard is still, for the most part, a work in progress and something us older players hate seeing.

    Please add back the old “My Games” and “Open Games” tabs; they were way more functional and let us get to what we want to see MUCH MUCH FASTER than this Dashboard will ever do.

  10. As always I like the update :)

    Will you post the AmA recording on your youtube channel? I were told you recorded it and would love to watch it (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

  11. I would like to make a *brand new* feature request to add the ability to see your current games within the main warlight interface (i.e. without having to go to the Dashboard, which I find gaudy, cluttered, and just a generally poorly designed user interface for this purpose). Perhaps this *brand new* feature could be called “My Games”. Similarly, I’d like to make a *brand new* feature request to see the “Open Games” within the main warlight interface (i.e. without having to dig through layers of the Dashboard, which again is a poorly designed UI for this purpose).

    I am 100% sure that these *brand new* feature requests would receive lots of votes to be implemented in the very near future.

    If need be, these *brand new* features could at least be *optional* for those who want them available, or perhaps available as an unlockable for those of a certain level, say, level 2 or level 3 (or 30 or whatever, I’m just making a suggestion ;-).

  12. I don’t mind losing the ‘My Games’ link since that functionality is available on the Dashboard page, but I’ll cast one more vote to bring back an ‘Open Games’ link on the main page (if you’re really against that, at least give us a link from Dashboard to see the old ‘Open Games’ view.)

  13. I have to join the previous posters when I say: Please bring our tabs back (Open Games/My Games).

    Thanks in advance!

  14. The twitch support and history overhaul were valuable additions. I think the removal of the ‘My Games’ and ‘Open Games’ tabs are the most unpopular parts of this overhaul. This forum post (totaling over 134 responses as of 2:00 pm Pacific Standard time on 8/3) gives an overall sense of its popularity/unpopularity: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/102640-hell-fizzer

  15. Yes please please could we have the open and my games tabs back… They were the only 2 tabs (except “create game”) i used, why would you get rid of them?!!!

    ..kudos for the history revamp though, much better..

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