Update 3.10.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.10.1! This is a small update to address a few bugs and concerns from the previous update. This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

New Open Games page

To address the concerns of some players, WarLight now has a brand new Open Games page, accessible at warlight.net/MultiPlayer/OpenGames. It’s also linked from the multi-player dashboard.

One of the complaints from the previous release is that the open games section is hard to browse. This new page lists all open games in an un-cluttered view, and also does not require clicking the “show more” link to see all open games.

This also makes refreshing much easier, since you can easily use your browser’s refresh button on this page to refresh the games list, unlike the multi-player dashboard which requires refreshing, clicking “show more”, and finding your place in the list again.

Further, joining auto-games from both this new page and the multi-player dashboard now works more reliably. Prior to this update, if you clicked on an auto-game that had started in between the time when you loaded the page and when you clicked, you would have just been thrown into spectator mode on the game that already began. Now, it will instead take you to the replacement auto-game so you can actually join it.

Other Changes

– Added a page that allows exporting the first round of a single-elimination tournament to Challonge. This is intended for live-streamers who wish to mimic the tournament on Challonge. If you’re a livestreamer, you should bookmark this page: WarLight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournaments/ChallongeExport
– Twitch streams should no longer need “WarLight” in their stream title to appear on WarLight.net.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error in history if you tried to advance past the end of the game with the Next Order button.
– Fixed a bug that caused Flash to freeze if switching to a player’s perspective and then tried to view a game’s picks.
– Fixed a bug that caused email notifications for mail threads to not be sent.
– Fixed a bug that caused tournaments to stall if all players in a single game were autobooted.

6 thoughts on “Update 3.10.1: Small update”

  1. Good stuff, I like it. I was sad to see open games go but this is good. Only other thing is the new history function doesn’t let you (or maybe its just me) see turn 1 played out. Even if you hit beginning, it starts at the beginning of turn 2.

    Lastly, with the update, if you just want to skip through the history turn by turn, it doesn’t let you stay zoomed out so you can see the entire map anymore; it always zooms in on what is presumably the last action, which can be annoying sometimes if you are trying to get a feel for what the opponent is/was trying to do long term. However, even with these bugs, the new history is still much better, Keep up the good work!

  2. Fizzer, really, what’s the problem with open games?
    I cant refresh it without reloading whole page
    Why you removed it from top? I think warlight members would appreciate it if there is any reason for removing. Now its a way harder to find open game

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