New Tournaments UI Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on updating the Tournaments section of WarLight. Here’s a sneak peek at a prototype of a single-elimination tournament page:

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The borders you see in this screenshot are resizable, or can be clicked to be collapsed completely. This is a way to give more space for the tournament bracket when you need it, and it’s far more flexible than the current “hide players list” button.
  • Clan tags are now shown next to players, and players link to their profile pages
  • In team tournaments, you can hover over a team’s name to see a list of all the players in that team
  • The page is coded entirely in html/javascript (no Flash). This means you can do things like right-click on a link and select “Open in new tab”, which isn’t possible today. It also means the page will load faster, allow Ctrl+F for searching, copy/paste by selecting, etc.
  • In Round Robin tournaments, the line that connects two players will be shaded green on the winner’s side and red on the loser’s. This makes it easy to see if someone has been winning or losing a lot by how much green/red is near them
  • The Players tab shows how many wins and losses each player has, even for in-progress tournaments. This makes it easier to see how a tournament is going while it’s in progress, especially round-robins.
  • When inviting players to a tournament, you can search for people by name, even if they’re not on your friends list. It also allows you to invite based on clan.

What do you think?

22 thoughts on “New Tournaments UI Sneak Peek”

    1. Forgot to add on the following:
      It makes the current one look really bad.
      Is this the biggest change to the tournaments page, ever?

  1. Amazing! If the whole website is going to look like this when we change over to the Warzone name then people will take it with open arms.

  2. So you finally decided to replace flash with html/js, that’s GREAT NEWS! Do you plan to completely abandon it soon?

    Btw, I have a suggestion: on Round Robin, once the turnament has started, the player list should be ordered by wins amount rather than alphabetically

  3. Reserving Seats for a limited time?
    Nothing is worse than someone on your blacklist crashing your team.

    Forward with pre-req limits?
    Creator made pre-req’s for a reason. Don’t allow guests to forward invite to someone that doesn’t meet the pre-req’s.

  4. If you’re working on tournament UI I’d recommend visiting websites like challonge that have been used multiple times even in professional e-sports like SCII. They have a lot of good ideas that can be used here (check-in phase for rt tournaments for example, that’d make lobbys for rt tournaments irrelevant). If we are on tournments of course I have to at least mention a few things: coin tournaments, tournaments with best of x setting, seeded tournaments, possibly new types of tournments? (swiss tournament anyone? copying swiss type of tournament from chess would be a phenomenal idea, 11-round swiss tournaments would be extremely fun to play, coding such a tournament is not as hard as it sounds if you remember to get a Bucholtz score to help you).

  5. Will we be able to update the tournament at our own pace as tournament hosts? It would completely cut Challonge out of the streaming process, which would make me one happy Lolowut.

    1. I considered it, but Challonge actually has some nice features, like allowing people to make their own predictions. That’s a perfect feature for streams since it allows audiences to participate. What if there was a way to export the first round of a WarLight tournament directly to Challonge, so you don’t have to enter the players by hand? Would you still want to cut Challonge out?

        1. I considered making a prediction feature, but why spend all that time if Challonge works fine and is free? If there is some problem with Challonge I would consider it, but if it works fine there’s no point in re-doing a bunch of work that would take time away form other features.

  6. It looks perfect (or at least very close :p)
    You’ve basically everything we players wanted, Only thing that throws me a bit of is the title: “Tournament: TournamentName” , I think simply “TournamentName” is better. We know it’s a tournament already.

  7. Big fan of the update! I agree with szeweningen that it would be nice to get additional tournament features, but this will make tournaments much more user friendly!

  8. Very nice!

    It would be nice if more of the website moved away from flash (i.e. used something like a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript).

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