Logo Design Contest winner

Thanks to everyone who submitted logos to the Logo Design Contest! But it’s come time for us to pick just one to be the winner.

Congratulations to evilfairy for winning with this logo:

16 thoughts on “Logo Design Contest winner”

  1. I still think it should be kept to warlight 😛 a complete redesign of the graphics wouldn’t be too bad though

    1. Indeed.
      its true that Warzone is a catchy name, and makes sence for the gaming pattern warlight has, but ”warlight” sounds like something special to me , which i would like to try out.

      would i have got to know warlight as warzone, i would not have probably started with it , thinking of it just as another game having some kind of childish war zones.

    1. He looked, but didn’t care. My mom’s boss is like this. He listens to everyone’s input, nods his head, and then proceeds to ignore everything and keep doing what he was doing before. Out of negligence or for some reason incapability to consider the consequences of his actions.

      But yeah. WarZone is a terrible namechange from WarLight. More than plenty enough of reasons and people complaining about the change under the original post when this was announced.

  2. Do you know what that thread is about? Have you even looked at it? Yes, I know you have posted in it, but I think you need a refresher. Nowhere in that thread does someone say that WarZone is terrible.

    1. a) Pretty much all of the comments in there are displaying terrible sentiments towards the change; don’t make me have to go and draw up a PNG pointing out all the negative comments
      b) Post a reply to the OP next time please and not in a separate comment.

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