Update 3.1: More coin templates

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.01.0! This update makes some new settings available for coin games, as well as a couple other minor changes.

New Coin Templates

Two new templates have been made available to coin games: A 1v1 on Small Earth, and a 1v1 on Rise of Rome. Check out the Open Games page to check them out.

Games with higher wagers are also available. The templates have been structured so that the cheap 80-coin templates are quick games, and the longer settings have larger wagers.

We plan to continue to tweak the coin templates a lot over the coming weeks. Feel free to let us know what kind of settings you want to play coin games on!

Other Changes

The “Open Games” tab now is split into two sections — one that shows coin games, and the other shows free games. This will make it easier on people who don’t care about the coin games to avoid looking at them.

Profiles now show how many real-time versus multi-day games each player is currently in, rather than just showing the combined total.

Changed the website’s <title> tag for SEO purposes.

9 thoughts on “Update 3.1: More coin templates”

  1. I really like the new looks of the open games lobby, I really like the higher wagers being possible, and i really like there are more coin games in the lobby,

    but the Small Earth template is very bad. The MME had strategic value to it. Small earth seems to be but a lottery :(

    1. on the other hand – the more random, lottery-like small earth template may attract new people more, since the pros are gonna omit that template, because it does no longer give them such a vast advantage plus they are now presented with high stake games..

      Nice update this one!

  2. Any reason for the rather random coin values in each game? 80 was strange enough (since people were given 100) but no having 475, 960 and 1990? Why not just round numbers of 100, 500, 1000 and 2000?

    Also, is there any intent to have MD coin games?

  3. Fizzer, could the “Open Games” be split into 3 sections in the future, one with the auto games? And it would be nice to have more options for auto-games, such as the same settings as coin games, to practice. Regards

  4. Add some Real time ladder or seasonal ladder templates… They seem to have more strategical value than Small earth or RoR….

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