Season XI

Congratulations to The Duke of Ben for winning Season X with a very impressive 12-2 record! Given that Season X was a 4-player FFA, even a 4-10 record would be considered above average. At the start of the season, I didn’t think anyone would get 12 wins!

Season XI

Season XI is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. This season will use the new Local Deployments setting. This setting makes it so that armies you receive from a bonus can only be deployed within that bonus.

For example, Central America is worth +3 armies per turn. If you control Central America, those 3 armies may only be deployed to one of the territories within Central America. The 5 base income you receive, as well as armies from reinforcement cards, can still be deployed anywhere as normal.

This will completely change the strategy of the game. This setting is new to everyone, however, so everyone is on equal footing in trying to figure out these new settings. To help ease us in to the new strategy, this season will use Light Fog, which should make it easier for less experienced players and also ensure games finish faster.

You can check out the template for Season XI here: multi-player, single-player. If you haven’t unlocked Local Deployments yet, you can still practice the settings if you can find an opponent you trust to deploy according to the local deployment rules.

The season will begin on Tuesday at midnight GMT (which is Monday night for those in negative time zones like North America). Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Season XI”

    1. Modified medium earth map, cyclic move order, and number of cards you can hold has been increased. You can click the template to see them all.

  1. Pretty annoyed that I got two losses on the last day when the games were a complete toss up. Not to mention the last game was my 14th game and it had barely even started. Dropped me 7 rankings on the ladder and screwed me out of 40,000 points as well. Can we fix this somehow Fizzer (that games do not automatically finish at the end of a season)?

      1. Why do they need to end in a win or loss? I thought there was a penalty for not finishing your allotment of 10 games. Instead, there is not because if you were ahead in those games, you won anyway. Everyone else was penalized even though we already had 10 games played.

  2. I had you in my AdBlock’s whitelist because I really like your game and I think you deserve to make a profit from it, I’m even considering a subscription.

    However, today you’ve forced me to put you behind AdBlock again (and I have a script to avoid anti-adblock policies) because of your FTL ad, which is fullscreen and has an annoying waiting time (worse: I already own the game).

  3. What have i to do to unlook “Local Deployment”? I am Level 41 und a Member, so normally all features should be unlocked?

  4. I really enjoy the local deployments settings. Unfortunately I still don’t have a handle over the strategy and I keep making serious blunders, and many of my attacks wind up being futile. Really nice. I like that the seasons all have something new to offer, these keep bringing me back to Warlight.

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