Experimental feature: Orders are now saved

WarLight was just updated with a new feature: If you start taking your turn in a game, but then close it without committing, your orders are now saved locally on that computer.

If you open the game again later, the orders you entered will be restored. If you don’t want them, you can click the Start Over button as you could have normally.

This is useful if you’re interrupted and not able to finish your turn, or if you’re not sure what to do and want to save a game for later. Note that your orders are saved on the device you were playing on, and not the server. That means they will only be restored on that same device — you can’t start a turn on an iPhone and finish it on your computer, for example.

This is also helpful if your computer crashes or accidentally close the game (example: hit your browser’s back button). Orders are saved every 5 seconds, so if your computer crashes within 5 seconds of entering an order, you may have to enter that last one again.

7 thoughts on “Experimental feature: Orders are now saved”

    1. In team games it would be great to be able to “save-but-not-commit” orders. That would allow showing your plans to teammates and maybe fine-tune them using their feedback.

      Currently it is possible to do this by having one player (for instance, the most experienced player on the team) not commit any orders until all his teammates have finished. It would be nicer if the system were built-in to WL, not a hacky solution cobbled together by players themselves.

      1. I strongly agree with robvw on this – I have had issues with this in team games, and I am sure most other players have also. In team games, it is essential to share orders with each other, but this can be difficult as you must commit your moves for a teammate to view them. This can create quite a hassle of players committing and un-committing so they can show their orders to their team and likewise for the other players. This can result in turns progressing before they are meant too. It would be appreciated to be able to do this in a more streamlined manner unlike the makeshift way we get around this issue now.

    2. Yeah, that would be a good feature too. This update was mostly aimed at helping for crashes or for when players accidentally close the game. You should vote for this on UserVoice.

  1. While I like the idea of this feature, the implementation seems flawed. I have had the popup arise twice now informing me that my orders had been saved in games where my opponent had surrendered. I had entered my moves and was awaiting their response when they surrendered and so the moves were never used. Seems to me a slight tweak to the code would eliminate the saving of moves in such a scenario.

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