WarLight 2.0 release date: Wednesday July 31st! (without iOS)

WarLight 2.0 is right around the corner!

Since Apple’s developer website is down, I’ve decided to go ahead and release WarLight 2.0 without the iOS clients. Here’s the planned time table of the release:

Morning of July 31st: 2.0 goes live on the website. Points, achievements, and all new features are all live for warlight.net players.
Later on July 31st: The Android app goes live on Google Play. Android phone or tablet users can download it from Google Play.
The next day, August 1st: The Kindle Fire app goes live on Amazon.com for Kindle Fire users.

The iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users is postponed. Even once Apple fixes their website, which has been down over a week, they still have to approve the app before it can go live. Under normal conditions, it usually takes Apple a week to approve apps, but since they’ll be coming off of downtime, I would not be surprised if review times take much longer than normal.

Other than the iOS delay, I hope you’re as excited for WarLight 2.0 as I am! It’s going to be awesome!

If you missed it, here’s links to the previous announcements that explain what 2.0 is all about:

Initial announcement
Points and levels
Achievements and Trophies
CLOT Changes

37 thoughts on “WarLight 2.0 release date: Wednesday July 31st! (without iOS)”

  1. What a great release fizzer. I hadn’t seen the rest of the links before this, but after I looked, it’s great! Can you lose points through games?

    1. Thanks! In the initial release there won’t be any way to lose points, but I’m considering features for the future that might (i.e. making wagers or giving away prizes)

      1. Regarding your wager idea, something like the doubling cube used in Backgammon might be an interesting twist. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon#Doubling_cube)

        Have a setting to enable it and allows players to wager so many points with a declined wager increase leading to a surrender. Can either gamble early on and just up the points or wait and try to use it when you think you have the advantage to force a decision.

  2. The whole summer, this maybe the most exciting part and I cant wait and I have a couple other things that you can maybe put the next update. I love making scenarios but it takes a long time make them on big maps. Can you make it so you can click on the bonus and that every territory in that bonus gets that letter at once. Another thing would being able to create bonuses on maps to fit the scenario. These would make things so much faster. Thank you =)

  3. Great to hear. I like that CLOT will have same features for users that are unlocked. That will help a lot for member-non member issues. Also looking to it being a little more simple. I have plans for a few but wanted to wait for this update. Looking forward to it

  4. New update with levels,XPs and more, aWESOME.
    I just hope it wont turn into a money-hungry game.
    “Buy this pack to earn XP” like 99% of other multiplayer games on the internet.
    Fkn love this game, hope it doesnt go to ruins

  5. YES I cannot wait for the kindle fire app!! , hope apple comes back nonlinear soon though.

    Thanks for all the hard work fizz:)

  6. Will you someday be able to do local multiplayer, like go in singleplayer and when you choose which AI, you can put other players?

  7. Honestly this sucks for me. I play Warlight with a few friends (we have a pretty tight group) so there’s no way for me to level up. I do not enjoy playing the game with complete strangers.

    1. Never mind the fact that leveling only REALLY impacts new accounts… nothing will have changed from your current available options.

  8. Hello Fizzer,

    I would like to ask you if the android application that will be published in a few days will be free of charge or not?

    Best regards and congratulation for the great site. It is amazing that you can maintain it with only a small member’s participation.

    1. Hello Fizzer,

      Just a comment abou the new site. It is not affecting on the game, but i noticed it and i wanted to share it with you.
      As a member, you can’t see the Levels of the players. But if you open a new tab on the game (i.e., right click on the “Multiplayer” tab), and then select a game, you can see all the player’s levels.

      Best regards

      1. It sounds like your previous tab was opened before 2.0 launched. If that’s the case, you should refresh the other tab so it updates and starts showing levels.

  9. Stupid question:game and tournament we actualy playing will continue or stop? Or stay in warlight 1 and warlight 2 is a new web site? And what about stats? All stats start to 0 or continue ? Thx and sorry i dont understand all

    1. All games and tournaments will continue, and no stats will be lost. 2.0 just adds new features to the existing game.

  10. I haven’t looked at everything yet, but what i have looked at its not something existing yet. I and some friends have thought a bit about it, so i wonder if it can be an possible idea. In diplo games and things like that, that we can make and unmake own teams inside the game, so we dont have to vote to end when the “own-maked” team/alliance win. That would’ve been amazing 😉 is this possible? (if its not already something like that)
    PS: Good work! 😀

  11. hey fizzer, good job! But… Im a member, and i get advertisement… wasn’t it only non-members who would get that?

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