WarLight 2.0 is now live at WarLight.net!

It’s finally here! All of WarLight 2.0’s features are now live on the website at http://warlight.net!

Releases of the Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS versions will be coming soon, as per the previously announced schedule.

Players will now begin earning achievements and points when playing in multi-player games. Go crazy, and have fun!

Also, check out WarLight’s new promotional video! It’s mostly geared towards new players, but you may find it interesting anyway:

Members who don’t want to see advertisements can turn them off on the Settings tab. If you’re not a member and don’t like ads, you can purchase a membership to play ad-free for life!

In case you missed it, here’s links to the information that’s been announced previously:

Initial announcement
Points and levels
Achievements and Trophies
Map unlocking
CLOT Changes

20 thoughts on “WarLight 2.0 is now live at WarLight.net!”

      1. I’m a paying member, and I don’t see the setting to disable the ads on the android app. I was a user on the beta android app and I had disabled the ads before version 2.0.0, but with this new version the setting is no longer visible.

        As a side thought, members should be opted out of ads by default, but that’s just like my opinion man.

          1. Ahah. Thanks! I had expected to find the setting in client as that’s where it was before. But only realized after the fact that it might be on the website instead.

  1. It’s great to see both new features coming with 2.0 and steps towards making WL more popular. It’s great video you made; it shows real game and informs well about game features and non-features. However, not all players (and soon-be-players) are native english speakers and some may be having troubles understanding narration. It should be said in more clearly way to be easier to understood. For example: “does **NOT** use microtransactions…” – personally I didn’t catch “not” for the first time and imo it’s crucial info.

  2. Maybe there’s again that bug that the Android App has to be completly uninstalled and reinstalled. At least I had to. By “updating” only, there was an error saying “an app with this name already exists”.

  3. one great thing that I was not aware I really wanted, even needed: adjust volume :)) Really great, will hopefully discover more nice things 😉

  4. When i start up the watlight app it says theres a newer version how do i get that? I cant get it in the google play store cause when i search for it its not there

  5. Why were a bunch of feature taken away from us regular players! I wouldn’t mind buying a membership if it wasn’t 30 dollars. I think if you lowered the price a lot more people would buy the game netting you more money than before.

  6. Im guessing this grandfather thing only counts for members. By creating the level system it completely turns away casual players. I’m honestly upset about this update. My friends and I play together but now we can’t because the settings have to be unlocked. It looks like we will have to find a new game because we simply don’t have enough time to level up and were certainly not going to play with them minimal settings given to us.

  7. I don’t mind ads, but I really dislike the interstitial ads. I would prefer sidebar, banner, or the ability for websites to get their logo plastered across vacant bonuses over having the popups every few seconds.

  8. I just bought a membership. I had been happily playing practice games using multi-attack, etc.

    What is the purpose behind removing these features from practice games?

    Seeing that I have to now unlock these settings even after dropping $30 makes me feel scammed.

    Apologies if there is a simple way around this that I am missing, otherwise the new structure is deeply disappointing.

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