Coming soon: Points and levels!

WarLight 2.0 is coming! This blog post gives a sneak peek into one of the new features.

Points and Levels

In WarLight 2.0, all players will start at level 1. Any time you win a ranked game, you will receive points. Earn enough points and you can advance to the next level.

The idea of leveling up is familiar to anyone who’s played an RPG. However, WarLight’s leveling system has an important distinction: In WarLight, levels don’t actually make you stronger. WarLight is fundamentally a competitive strategy game, and games will always be won or lost based on your strategy alone. Levels will not do anything that gives you an advantage in a game. It’s just as easy for a level 1 player to defeat a level 30 player as it is for a level 40 player.

Instead of making your stronger, levels will unlock additional features you can use. For example, players can unlock the ability to set the luck modifier when creating games, create tournaments, create games with more than six players, and many other things.

The number of points you get for winning a game is based on the level of opponents you defeated, so it’s advantageous to challenge higher level players. As you may suspect, there will also be other ways of earning points, such as tournaments, ladders, and more.

Having point awards for winning games enhances the WarLight experience since it gives more meaning to winning games than just a tally on profile pages. This makes WarLight games a lot more exciting!

It’s a secret to everybody

Every level has a reward of some kind, so there are a ton of things available to unlock by leveling up (including some for members.) But I’m not going to spill the beans here. The level rewards will remain secret at first so that players can discover them on their own as they level up.

Because of this, some of the new 2.0 features won’t even be announced on the blog right away. You’ll have to level up to discover them.

Eventually, the level rewards will all become common knowledge and they’ll all be listed on the wiki. However, until that happens, please don’t post any big lists of level rewards on the forum. This makes it more fun for players who are leveling up for the first time and want to discover them as they go. Discussing them one at time is fine, just don’t post any comprehensive lists for a while.

Grandfather clause

Some of the level rewards are things that players get by default today. For example, in 2.0, players have to unlock the ability to create games using multi-attack, but prior to 2.0 everyone was able to use multi-attack right away.

All accounts created before this announcement will be considered grandfathered. All grandfathered accounts will automatically have access to all of the features that used to be given by default. This is done so that nobody loses anything when 2.0 goes live.

Because of this, if your account is grandfathered and you unlock a level, you will sometimes see a message that says “You already have the reward for this level.”

I hope you’re excited as I am for WarLight 2.0!

22 thoughts on “Coming soon: Points and levels!”

  1. Interesting concept Fizzer 😀 Sounds very good, I hope though that you don’t give to much to the non-members. Is there a maximum level to unlock something (like after level 9 you can’t unlock anything new). The only problem will become that we will get Levelboosters instead of statboosters now. It does not mean anything or so and it will be the same as the statsboosters, but it will still be annoying.

  2. i like this and dislike this update… i like it because it gives more options for making games yet i dislike it because i bought a War light account a bit back and if it is now the same as non members then it means that my money would have gone to waste.

  3. Brilliant plan! A friend of mine watched me play a 1v1 the other day and asked what happened when you won. I explained about stats, etc. He was expecting a system where you work towards something like leveling up. I was going to post something in uservoice. Read my mind fizzer.

  4. So what happens if a player who hasn’t unlocked the ability to do multi-attack, Luck modifier, etc. Will they still be able to join games that use those?

    1. i would think that what they have unlocked vs. what you have wont matter as long as the creator of the game has it available in the current warlight if luck modifier is enabled (changed) by a member you don’t have to have a membership to play that game

  5. It would be very helpful to be able to share on facebook, or like a map, or like a game that was played. I think this would bring in a ton of people to warlight.

    1. You can already share games that were played on Facebook. After the game is over, look in the top left to find a “Share on Facebook” button.

      1. Searched. Still, there is no explenation why I (and probably Cedrowy PI) have 10x less points for achivements like:

        08/03/2013 200 Achievement: Defeat a level 11 player
        08/03/2013 350 Achievement: Won real-time 1v1 auto game
        08/03/2013 500 Achievement: Viral Achievement
        08/03/2013 350 Achievement: Win on 10 different maps
        08/01/2013 500 Achievement: Insane Challenge
        08/01/2013 380 Achievement: Played WarLight from two platforms

        I have normal gains on 07/31/2013, then since august.

  6. now that this feature is out all i have to say is i hate this i joined so i could play some specific maps and now i cant untill i reach a certain level. worst feature of the game!

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