Coming soon: Achievements and trophies!

WarLight 2.0 is coming! This blog post gives a sneak peek into one of the new features.


I’m sure most of you know what achievements are from other games — these are little rewards you get for doing something good or notable.

Once WarLight 2.0 goes live, players will start earning achievements for various things throughout the entire game. For example, there’s an achievement for winning an FFA game with at least 10 opponents, and another for eliminating three or more opponents and winning a game in a single turn.

Achievements are another way of earning points. Achievements award points based on their difficulty – the more difficult the achievement, the more points you’ll get for getting it. However, most of your points will still come from winning ranked games/tournaments/ladders. Achievement points are just a bonus.

In addition to rewarding accomplishments, achievements also serve as a way to encourage new players to try out all of the features and mechanics that the game has available. For example, there’s an achievement for using an order priority card to kill a stack of enemy units that were attacking an undefended territory of yours on their first move, and another for sanctioning a player with more than ten times your income.

No achievements will require a membership to earn.


Achievements are considered things that any player could just go out and do. Trophies, on the other hand, are for tasks that are rare, very difficult, or special in some way. For example, there’s a trophy for achieving rank #1 on the 1v1 Ladder, and another for playing WarLight while it was beta. Trophies are intended to be rare, and most players will probably never get one.

Unlike achievements, trophies don’t actually award points themselves, but they’re displayed prominently on player’s profiles. (Ranking #1 on the 1v1 Ladder would award plenty of points from the ladder, just not from the trophy itself.)


Like the leveling rewards, I’m not going to reveal a big list of all achievements that are in the game. They should be considered a secret at first. There’s a bunch of really fun ones that I’m holding myself back from revealing here.

Once they’ve all been discovered, they’ll be detailed on the wiki for all to see. Until then, please don’t post any big lists of achievements on the forum. Having achievements pop up as you play the game normally is more fun than treating it as a task list and working on each one in turn. I’m trying to encourage players to treat it the more fun way.


Some achievements may be something that you’ve done before 2.0 went live. For the most part, achievements are not backfilled — you will need to do them again to earn the achievement.

However, there are a few exceptions. Some things from the pre-2.0 days will contribute to achievements. In some cases, you will need to trigger the achievement that you’ve already completed. For example, there’s an achievement for getting a gold star on every single-player level. If you’ve already gotten a gold star on every level, you can easily earn the achievement just by re-getting any one of the gold stars (for example, just beat level 1 again). This will cause the game to notice that you’ve gotten all six and award the achievement.

Trophies are different — all trophies are automatically backfilled. If you did anything to earn a trophy before 2.0, it will automatically be awarded when 2.0 goes live.

17 thoughts on “Coming soon: Achievements and trophies!”

  1. This is an awesome idea, Fizzer! Glad to see this game reaching new heights, and expanding its boundaries!

  2. “Achievements are another way of warning points.” “Warning” should read “earning” I think.

    Also great ideas!

  3. I’m slightly worried about the “kill three opponents and win the game in a single turn” achievement; the easiest way of doing that is playing a big map, getting most of the map (and thus, a huge income), then boxing in three opponents for as long as it takes until you can take everybody out in one turn. If somebody does that against human opponents, it will be pretty frustrating for them to be kept alive “indefinitely”… Without a list it’s hard to say, but similar issues might exist for other planned achievements.

    On an entirely unrelated note: awarding achievements retro-actively makes a lot of sense… especially if there’s one for “played during beta”! :p

    1. if you know you are beat you can just surrender instead of waiting for a player to slowly box you in. i dont really see this as a problem

  4. Another great idea to help improve Warlight! But is there any estimate time period of when version 2 is going to be released?

    1. From what Fizzer has said, he is hoping to get 2.0 out before Season X ends (so within 60 days). He isn’t entirely sure if he can meet this deadline though.

  5. Will there also be new trophies or so on Kongregate (although I believe you can’t control that, but you can ask for it), cause that give more attention to WarLight on that site, causing more players to join 😀 Anyway, I’m looking forward to see these on WarLight 😀

  6. Will there be a mapmaking-related achievement/trophy? Like, making a map with a rating above 4,25 after getting at least 100 ratings.

  7. Fizzer has posted on the forum discussing achievements and trophies that there will be no achievements for map making.

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