Site and mobile update 1.15.9

WarLight has just been updated to version 1.15.9! This is primarily an update to the mobile client, but it also includes some small bug fixes and improvements to the website. This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

The Help Forum

There’s a new forum called the Help Forum. This is a place for players of all experience levels to ask questions about how WarLight works. If you’ve ever wondered how something works, feel free to drop by and ask! If you’re an expert on WarLight, feel free to drop in and impart your wisdom on others.

Other Website Changes

– Real-time games no longer send e-mails when you surrender, win, are eliminated, or vote to end. They were unnecessary since, unlike in multi-day games, the player was likely already present in the game when these actions took place.
– When chatting, you can sometimes see messages that came in from a turn greater than the one you’re looking at. The client now notices this and automatically refreshes to get the latest turn.
– When creating a multi-day tournament with the word “lobby” in the title, the game now suggests that you should probably use real-time for real-time tournament lobbies.
– Tweaked the refresh times a bit. It’s now faster in real-time games. It’s slower in multi-day games unless they advanced in the last 10-20 minutes so that they can still be played real-time.
– The clock shown for real-time games no longer shows 0 hours since it’s always 0.

Mobile Client Changes

This update to the mobile client adds a lot, so be sure to update to it if you’re one of the beta testers! Android beta-testers can install this via the usual method. Please try out these features and let me know how well they work for you.

– In the settings menu, you can now enable push notifications. When enabled, WarLight will notify you whenever it’s your turn or invited to a multi-day game.
– Added the Open Games page.
– Added the clock for real-time games.
– Added the analyze button for checking kill percentages.
– Added the ability to preview maps. This can be done from a game’s settings, a game’s lobby, or when creating a game.
– Added the ability to view custom scenarios when looking at a game’s settings.
– Added auto-refresh. Pressing the refresh button isn’t as necessary anymore. If you’re concerned about data usage, you can turn it off in the settings.
– Overhauled the look of the settings screen
– When long tapping the map, there’s now a circle that collapses around your finger to help you realize that it’s working. Information was also added to explain what this is, and the tip from the main menu was removed.
– iOS: Added retina iPad icon.

6 thoughts on “Site and mobile update 1.15.9”

  1. What is the plan for iOS beta? Are you collecting a bunch of application emails, then picking a set amount, or will you give ‘qualified’ applicants the app in an on-going basis as they come in? I am considering buying the puffin browser, so I just was curious what your process was. Thanks

    1. The first batch of replies were sent out along with this update. If you didn’t get a reply, you didn’t get in the first batch, but you’re still eligible for future batches.

  2. Can you drop us a hint on whether there are any large site updates coming after the iOS and Android versions hit their first stable release?

  3. What I miss most in the Android App:
    The ability to see the priorities in history from when I picked territories.

    As well it would be nice if the app checks for update and provides a download link in case there is a new update.

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