Site and mobile update 1.15.8

WarLight has just been updated to version 1.15.8! This update brings the mobile client closer to party with the Flash version. As is often the case, some improvements to the website snuck into this update too. This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

Change Player’s Color

It is now possible to change the color that you or an opponent appears as on your own screen. To try it out, open a game, click on someone’s name in the lower-right, and select the new “Change Color” button.

Changing a player’s color only affects your own computer; everyone else will still see them as their true color. This is useful for a few situations:

  1. If you’re looking at a game where multiple players have very similar colors, you may wish to change one of them to make it easier to tell them apart.
  2. If you’re colorblind and the colors chosen aren’t ideal, you can change players to colors that you can see more clearly.
  3. If you aren’t playing as the color you wanted to play as due to someone else taking it, and are too stubborn to adapt, you can change yourself back to your desired color.
  4. If you’re playing a complex team game, you can change colors on a team to similar shades to help in visualizing what each team owns. If you want, you can even change entire teams to the same color, as WarLight does not prevent you from setting multiple players to the same color.

Changes in color are temporary. If you refresh your browser, all players will revert back to their standard colors.

Other Website Changes

– Re-arranged the player popup a bit when making room for the Change Color button. It’s now easier to read the info box when it has long lines.
– The seasonal ladder now requires 7 games to be completed before getting a rank instead of 5. This will cause the ratings to be less chaotic in the early days of a season.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you typed a non-number into the reinforcement card’s progressive multiplier box.

Mobile Client Changes

This update finishes out the ability to create multi-player games from the mobile client! All customization options are now available when creating games. Since this added a lot of UI to the app, it would be great if beta testers can try it out and e-mail if they find any problems.

Android beta-testers can install this via the usual method. If you’re a WarLight member and want to beta-test the iOS version of the game, there’s now a sign-up page located here.

Here’s the full change log for this update:

– Added the ability to customize game settings when creating games.
– Added checkboxes on multi-select screens.
– Template owners are no longer shown when you’re only looking at your own templates since they were redundant.
– Cleaned up the some of the card UI.
– Fixed a bug that occurred if you rotated your device while a game was loading.
– Fixed a bug when creating a game with custom scenarios that caused new players added to a game to not get assigned a slot by default.
– Android: Added space to the bottom of the menu so it looks a bit nicer.
– Android: The software keyboard no longer pops up by default on the game creation screen.
– Android: Fixed a bug that caused the fog texture to not appear after locking and unlocking your device.
– IOS: Retina devices now render the map in full resolution
– IOS: Fixed a bug that made some main menu buttons unclickable on some devices
– IOS: The app works under iOS 5 now. 6 is no longer required.

6 thoughts on “Site and mobile update 1.15.8”

  1. Wow, I really like those new color settings, this finally gives a better overview in complex multiplayer games. The only downside so far is: setting the colors manually for each player in a 12v12 game is a PITA. Could you implement an option to set the colors for a whole team at once? Right now, if you click on a team’s name, it highlights the team’s territories. You could make a menu popup instead, similar to the one that appears when clicking a player’s name, and then add the same menu buttons “Select Visible Territories” and “Colors”.
    Have a friend-foe overlay button – click it once and all players of a team are displayed with the same color (defaults to: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, cyan etc…, or maybe with the order being customizeable on the settings page). Click it again, and all is back to normal?

  2. Wow, this is awesome, thanks a ton! Not sure whether this is a big deal, but the color swatch on the “my games” screen doesn’t reflect this change. Like I said, not sure I really care about that, just wanted to let you know.

    1. Yeah, there are a few places that don’t change due to technical issues. The My Games page is one, another is the small boxes in the Chat window. The statistics’s graphs pick up the colors when it’s first opened and won’t change after that.

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