Site and mobile update 1.15.6

WarLight has just been updated to version 1.15.6! This is primarily an update to the mobile client, but a few features snuck into the website as well.

Website Changes

– Added a link on the Forum page to view posts from all forums together.
– Added a tournament filter “Active tournaments I didn’t decline”
– Optimized up the “My Tournaments” page.
– [code] blocks on the forum no longer become double-spaced
– Added DeleteLobbyGame API that allows CLOT to delete games if they don’t start.
– The GameFeed API can now be used by CLOT to retrieve limited player data about games that haven’t finished yet.
– Improved the error dialog with options to report the bug.
– Fixed a bug that was causing some maps to use more data points than they needed to, slowing down the map rendering.
– Fixed a bug in the analyze graphs that could occur when the offensive kill rate was significantly modified from its standard 60%.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error in some cases when loading a saved game.

Mobile Client Changes

EDIT: For members who are upgrading from the previous Android client, please un-install the existing client before installing this new version. This is necessary since the package name changed to support Facebook authentication, so Android views it as a different app. If you don’t un-install first, you’ll end up with two copies of the WarLight app. If you’re already in this state, just un-install both and then install the correct one again.

– You can now sign in with Facebook, just as you can on the website.
– The look and feel of the lobby has been overhauled.
– When you receive a private message, it now appears as an item on the game’s menu.
– Added space below the map for the deployment slider so that the slider will never overlap a territory you’re trying to deploy to.
– Fixed a bug that made scrolling choppy on large-screen devices or in landscape orientation on small screen devices.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you changed your password on the website while you had the mobile version open.
– Fixed a bug that caused skinny horizontal rectangles to appear on the map (this fix may not appear right away since the affected maps need to be re-processed)
– When playing an Airlift card, the back button now works properly.
– The history menu option is no longer visible on games still distributing territories or on the first turn.
– Upgraded the app from OpenGL 1.1 to OpenGL 2.0
– Improved the error handler so it won’t trap you in an infinite loop of errors.
– Fixed memory leaks.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error if the back button was pressed too rapidly.
– The deployment slider is now centered.

13 thoughts on “Site and mobile update 1.15.6”

  1. After installation, I still had the old version 1.14.6. The list of all apps showed Warlight twice. I uninstalled both and reinstalled the new one – fortunately it worked.

    Maybe Google Play is an option for (automatic) updates. I assume you didn’t do that because the app is only useful for members.

    1. Ahh, thanks for reporting this. I’ve updated the instructions. Google Play will be used when the app is done, but unfortunately it can’t be used while the app is still in beta.

  2. Any updates on iphone/ipad clients? Any chance other people can get beta client? If so, I would like to try it out, thanks.

    1. I’d love to let you, but unfortunately Apple places strict restrictions on beta testing so I can’t. All I can do is recommend you buy Android since it’s a open platform and doesn’t have these crazy restrictions.

  3. Thanks for the update, Fizzer!
    Unfortunately, it still does not solve the two major issues I reported for the last version (erratic deployment and CPU load). I will take a closer look as soon as I find the time, but from what I can tell so far nothing has changed, deployment of armies is still a PITA, but I guess you already knew that :-/
    Let me know if I can help track down the problem somehow!

      1. Another bug I just noticed – the history is not accessible until turn 2, so you cannot review your own picks (to see which ones you got in which order).

        1. I’ve had the same thing with not being able to see the picks. Not sure if it’s just not implemented or he meant to do that.

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