Season VII

Congratulations to unknownsoldier for winning Season VI! Season VI came right down to the wire — unknownsolider snatched victory at the last minute!

Season VII will take place on the Heavy Earth map. This is a bigger map than Medium Earth. Combined with smaller neutrals, this allows for a lot more expanding than what we’ve seen before.

The three territories that you start with all begin with just 1 army instead of the normal 4. This makes cluster-picking less effective, so spread out those picks!

The luck percentage is still 16%, but this time on straight round. This makes it so the attacks against neutrals are guaranteed, but when you’re fighting opponents you’ll have a small amount of variation. Also, the order priority and order delay cards are missing this time to change it up a bit.

Check out the exact settings with this template: multi-player, single-player.

We’ll kick things off on January 2nd and it will end on March 3rd. Good luck!

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