New features: Notable forum posts and a new way to report bugs

Notable forum posts

The Dashboard page, instead of showing all forum posts, will now only show forum posts that have been marked as notable by a moderator.

If you want to see all forum posts, you can still click the Forum sub-tab and everything will behave as it did before. However, the Dashboard now provides a way for players that only casually read the forum to get the highlights without having to wade through the fluff.

Moderators will choose forum posts that are interesting, funny, or they just think that the WarLight community will generally be interested in.

I’m not going to pretend that this is a perfect solution to all of the problems that the forum faces, however it’s a step in the right direction. It’s likely that the forum will see further improvements in the future.

A new way to report bugs

WarLight now has an official form to report bugs. The Report Bug page will allow you to report any issues you’re having with WarLight. This is linked to from the contact page and the Help tab.

Filling out this form is preferred over e-mailing me directly, even though this form really just results in an e-mail being sent to me. Often when someone e-mails me or posts on the Bugs forum they would leave out crucial information, which ends up taking a lot of my time to figure out. Often I’ll ask for additional information and I don’t get a reply, which leads to the bug not getting fixed. Sometimes so little information is provided that I can’t even figure out where they’re playing the game (, Google Hangouts, iPhone or Android).

This form replaces the Bugs forum, so it’s been removed.

5 thoughts on “New features: Notable forum posts and a new way to report bugs”

      1. I’m not going to out them. If they want to announce themselves as moderator themselves they can, but I’m going to give them the option of remaining anonymous.

        1. So be it. Not a big fan of ‘power-weilders’ such as moderators remaining anonymous but at the same time I can understand the unwillingness to out them.

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