New feature: Facebook authentication

WarLight now allows players to sign in with their Facebook account!

This is simply done as a convenience since it means you don’t need to remember a separate password for WarLight. WarLight won’t post to your Facebook account or do anything Zynga-like.

Facebook will never be required to play WarLight. This is just offered as an option for those who prefer it. You will always be able to sign in with an e-mail address as you have been able to up until now.

If you want to start signing in with Facebook but you already have an e-mail based WarLight account, you can link your Facebook account to your existing WarLight account at this page. Even after linking your accounts, you can still sign in with your e-mail address and password if you choose too. This will just enable the option of signing in with Facebook.

The main motivation behind allowing this is for the mobile client. Signing in with Facebook is only a small convenience on the website, but trying to type in an e-mail address and password on a phone is much more annoying. Therefore, it’s nice to give players another option.

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