Sign up to help test WarLight on iPhone

For the next two weeks, WarLight is accepting applications for players who want to help test the WarLight app for iPhone or iPod touch.

The app isn’t done, however it works well enough to take your turn in multi-player games. For a full list of of the features that aren’t implemented yet, see Mobile Client on the wiki.

Due to Apple’s restrictions, the number of players that can be accepted is very limited. Only WarLight members may apply.

Click here to apply. (EDIT: Link taken down, thanks to everyone who applied). This link will stay up until May 7th.

This app does work on iPads, however the focus of this release is to test iPhones and iPod touches. If you want to apply with your iPad, you may do. However, iPhones will get priority, and iPad users will only be chosen if there’s space left over.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Sign up to help test WarLight on iPhone”

    1. You don’t need to sign up for Android – it’s already available to all members. Just click the Mobile Client link above.

    1. Apple restricts the number of testers to a very low number. There won’t even be enough space to let all the members in, let alone non-members.

  1. Because only so many people can test and you need some way to restrict that and its more fair to let the members be ablee to test instead of not being able to test because someone else applied quicker.

  2. Hello I have a question about the app when it’s up in the apple store, will the app be free or will we have to buy it I’m wondering because I’m already a member.

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