Small update: 1.12.2

WarLight was just upgraded to version 1.12.2.

Attack dialog tweaks

To further improve the work done in the previous release, the way that the attack/transfer dialog detects double-clicks has been tweaked again. Double-clicking to attack with all armies should work more reliably now, especially when issuing attacks near the top of the screen.

Further, the way the hot-spots discussed in the last blog post work was changed so that they’re only active when your cursor starts over them. This means more than one hot-spot will never be active at the same time, and none will be active when your cursor starts over the Okay button.

Let me know if this works better or worse than before!

Filesize Fix

Due to some strange issue, a change I made to the WarLight preloader in the previous release caused the filesize to jump from 1.7mb to 2.4mb.

I reverted the preloader change in this release, so this should bring the size back down and speed up the loading time of the Flash file.

7 thoughts on “Small update: 1.12.2”

  1. I am not sure if this was due to the fix or not, but normally I issue orders with the mouse and switch from deploy to attack to confirm with a/a/z, and I can no longer commit orders until I “click off” my last attack order by making a random click on the map. Not a huge issue but it definitely messes up the flow for me.

    1. I can’t seem to reproduce that. Can you give more specifics? Does this only happen when issuing attacks near the right or top of the screen, or is it after every attack? Does it only happen after a double-click attack or does it happen even when the attack dialog was open for a couple seconds?

      1. It seems like it can happen anywhere on the screen, and only happens after a fast double click order, I hope that helps.

          1. In chrome I am still having issues, not sure about firefox if that would make any difference, can’t check now

  2. I had the same issue as lobstrosity above but that appears to have been fixed.

    However, I did notice that use of the keyboard after indicating the attack no longer seems to work. When I am planning on attacking multiple territories from one stack I will often make the first attack and key-in the number of armies I want sent before clicking okay. This no longer works and instead the drag-bar must be used or the army window must first be selected before typing the number in.

    Not a big deal obviously, just a functionality I noticed had changed.

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