WarLight update: 1.11

WarLight has just been updated! This blog post contains a summary of what changed.

Tournament Stats on Profiles

Players can now choose tournaments that they want to display on their profile! You can do this right now! Just click here and pick which tournaments you’d like to display.

Your profile will show a link to the tournament, as well as what place (1st, 2nd, etc.) you received if you received a place. For round-robin tournaments, all players are given a place, but for single and double-elimination only 1st and 2nd show up.

Overridden Bonus Links

When a bonus’s value is changed by a game creator, the bonus link for that bonus now uses a white border instead of yellow. This makes it a bit easier to spot which are overridden.

Further, when an overridden bonus’s number is large, it now protrudes outside of the bonus link instead of just getting cut off.

Misc Changes

– As announced in the previous blog post, WarLight’s messaging protocol is now backwards compatible.
– This release also contains something Android-related, but this deserves its own blog post, which will be posted within the next day or two.
– The maximum number of favorite games has been upped from 10 to 15. The page to modify them has also been updated to be more user friendly.
– Tournament creators can now have 5 simultaneous open tournaments instead of 2.
– A message now pops up when players do an action that causes their vacation to end. This makes it much easier to tell what’s going on with your vacation.
– E-mails are now sent to players when they first establish a ladder rank.
– When previewing a forum reply, the subject line is now shown.
– When making a post to a forum thread that creates a new page, you’re now taken to the new page instead of the current one.
– Single-player no longer displays announcements.
– The page to change an account’s e-mail address has been updated to be more user friendly.
– Added a limit to the number of open games that any one player can create at once. This helps keep the Open Games page from getting cluttered with tons of duplicates. Non-members may have 3, members may have 10.
– Games with open seats that never started are now deleted after a while if it’s clear the owner has no interest in reviving them. Real-time games are deleted 24 hours after the open seats expire, and multi-day games are deleted 10 days after the open seats expire.
– Fixed a bug that caused the booted duration to show as 0 minutes when booted players were configured to turn into AIs, and the boot caused the turn to advance.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Settings tab show a cached value for the date your vacation ended, which may have been inaccurate if a player just did something that made their vacation end.
– Fixed a bug that made the Open Games tab not show boot times for games you were in.
– Fixed a bug that made no wastelands appear when the number of players invited matched the number of territories in the selected distribution.
– Fixed a bug that broke the Bayeselo logs when someone used a greater-than sign in their name.
– Fixed a bug that caused army numbers to show incorrectly in rare circumstances after clicking Skip To End while the map was panning.
– Fixed a bug in the map designer that could allow territories to connect or disconnect when not on the connection tool.
– Fixed a bug that occurred if you tried to change your name to a name that contained an ampersand.
– Fixed a bug that caused templates to say (deleted) when a game was created based on the settings of a game that didn’t use a template.
– Fixed a bug in the map designer that caused an error if you deleted the default distribution mode.

3 thoughts on “WarLight update: 1.11”

  1. “ Fixed a bug that caused the booted duration to show as 0 minutes when booted players were configured to turn into AIs, and the boot caused the turn to advance.”
    Hmm, I was about to report it 😛

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