WarLight for Android alpha now available to all members

An alpha version of the WarLight client for Android is now available to all WarLight members!

Keep in mind that this is an alpha release. That means that it’s an unfinished product, and there are some features still missing or incomplete. However, it works well enough to take your turn in multi-player games. See mobile client on the wiki for a list of features not yet implemented.


Check out this wiki page for step-by-step instructions on how to install WarLight on your Android device: Installation Instructions


I’d like to hear how well it works on your device! If you run into problems I’d definitely like to know about it, but even if everything is working great I’d like to hear that too. Send me e-mail at fizzer@warlight.net.

If it works on your device, it would also be great if you’d add your device name to the list of known working devices if it’s not already there.

2 thoughts on “WarLight for Android alpha now available to all members”

  1. The link works well and the download and installation went fine. But then when I try to start the app a window appears and immediately disappears, as if the app had crashed.
    Samsung Galaxy S

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