Small update: 1.09.3

On Monday, January 9th at 8am GMT (midnight PST), WarLight will be updated to version 1.09.3. While the update is taking place, the website will be down for a short time. If all goes well, the downtime should last for less than 30 minutes.

The primary purpose behind this update is to add support for the upcoming Android preview. However, some other features snuck in as well.

Tips during Load

While WarLight is loading, it now shows basic information about the game. This is just a way to help teach players a few tips they might not know while they wait for the game to load. For example:

Profile Ladder Stats

Players can now control which ladder stats are shown on their profile. If there’s one you don’t want shown, you can turn it off by editing your profile and clicking the new “Show or Hide Ladder Stats” button.

Further, stats shown for the 2v2 ladder have been improved, especially in the case where players have played the 2v2 ladder multiple times with different partners. Not only does it show what rank you achieved with each partner, but it also allows you to choose which partners you wish to show on your profile and which you wish to hide.

Show Example Armies

When creating a map, there’s now a new button named Show Example Armies that will place a two-digit army number into every territory at its center point. This helps visualize how big the army numbers will be without having to go through the trouble of creating a test game.

This is useful for two main reasons:

1. When trying to place the center point, having an example army number shown makes it much easier to get the center point dead-on instead of having to guess.
2. Having the army number shown is an easy way to see if your small territories are too small. Since all territories must be big enough to fit their army number, this helps find out if a territory is big enough.

Failed Attack Visibility in the Fog

There’s a minor change being made to the way attacks show up in fog games.

If you issue an attack, but then lose the territory before the attack happens, the attack won’t take place. The tooltip for that attack just says “This order could not be executed.”

If you don’t have any adjacent territories at the time of the failed attack, WarLight won’t even show you that the attack was there and failed. This was a really odd behavior, especially since your opponents could see the failed attack since they had adjacent territories. You could see the attack in a no-fog game or after the game ended, but not during the game.

Now, WarLight will always show you the failed attacks you made even if you don’t have adjacent territories. This doesn’t reveal any more information, so this is not game-changing in any way. However, it eliminates a point of confusion that new players often hit, since they remember that they issued an attack but WarLight doesn’t show it to them. Now, it will show them the attack at its place in the turn, which will make it clear why the attack didn’t happen.

Misc Changes

– Fixed bugs with the APIs GameFeed and GameIDFeed that caused them to fail on some archived games.
– Fixed a bug that caused there to be too many teams when copying a team tournament game’s settings.
– Fixed a bug that caused players who had left the seasonal ladder to not be ranked. All players with 5 completed games should get a rank.
– The ladder pages for seasonal ladders now indicate if a player has left the seasonal ladder.
– Fixed a bug on the map designer that caused green lines that wrap around the map to appear incorrectly on very large maps.
– Fixed a bug that caused Azerbaijan’s thumbnails to not appear.

9 thoughts on “Small update: 1.09.3”

    1. Hmm.. it seems to work in Chrome and IE, but not Firefox. I assume you’re using Firefox? I’ll get this fixed, thanks for reporting it!

  1. great tips idea would have come in handy when I started!
    for the next update can you fix the bug that happens when an teammate AI attacks a territory you took earlier that turn instead of transferring which is what happens when a player does the same, it attacks?

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