Sign up for the Android preview

If you’re a WarLight member and want to help test the WarLight app for Android, please fill out this form. EDIT: Link taken down. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

The goal of this preview is to test the WarLight app for Android on a variety of devices to help iron out any bugs. I can’t guarantee it will work on your device, however I will do my best to make it work on as many as possible. All devices running Android 2.1 or higher are eligible.

Keep in mind that the app can’t quite do everything that the Flash version can yet, as this is just a preview and not the finished app. However, it does enough to play your multi-player games — all settings, cards, and maps are supported.

15 thoughts on “Sign up for the Android preview”

  1. I want to sign up, but I think I missed the cut off since the link is no longer :(
    I have a Samsung Charge…If there is any way to still get in on this I would love to help and enjoy the benefits of being mobile with Warlight!

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