Update 5.07: Announcing Warzone Idle Battle Royale

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.07.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website has been updated to this version now. The Android and iOS apps will skip this update and get these features in the next update.

Announcing Warzone Idle Battle Royale

Warzone Idle will soon be multi-player!

Warzone Idle is getting a new battle royale game mode, called battles for short. In battles, you compete with up to 30 other players to be the first to complete a real-time idle level.

All players participating in a battle will be given the exact same idle level to complete. Your goal is to conquer all territories as fast as possible. In the Battle Panel on the right side, you can see the progress in real-time of all other players you’re competing against.

Battles run at an accelerated rate, which allows completing an entire idle level in just a few minutes.

You’ll find attacks on the map. Click the Attack button to launch these attacks at another player, which does things like destroy their army camps, mines, and more. You can only hold one attack at a time, so if you pick up a second one without using the first it will immediately launch the second attack at another player. Note that an attack cannot destroy the army camp you start with, so it’s never possible to get completely stuck.

You can only take an action every 4 seconds. Actions can be things like conquering territories, upgrading an asset, drafting, activating an artifact, etc.

All of your advancements can be used during the battle. Auto-advancements, such as auto-conquer, don’t count as actions and therefore are very valuable. For this reason, owning the auto-conquer advancement is required to join a battle.

The artifacts you have equipped (up to 3) when starting the battle will be the only ones you can use during the battle, so make sure to arrange your artifacts before joining. Since time runs at an accelerated rate, you can likely activate artifacts multiple times during a single battle.

Still Testing

This update introduces an alpha version of battles. As the feature is still under development, it’s limited to testing by people who happen to be online when I need testers. I’ll likely ask around in global chat for willing volunteers to help test.

At this time, battles have no rewards. A future update will bring rewards to battles, as well as the ability to play at any time.

See you on the battlefield!

Other Changes

– Idle: When claiming an artifact you just dug for, the game now shows it covered in sand and lets you swipe away the sand for a dramatic reveal.
– Idle: Reduced size that bottom tabs open to on large screens.
– Idle: Changed cost of Inspire Mercenaries power to 150 coins.
– Idle: Fixed resource caches giving partial resources.
– Idle: Fixed a bug that could make one level of a multi-level disappear if your local storage got corrupted.
– Website: Added links to the Warzone discord and subreddit to the home page.
– UJS: Fixed scrolling regions in Chrome 87

5 thoughts on “Update 5.07: Announcing Warzone Idle Battle Royale”

  1. How will the partial resources from caches be handled? Round up? Round down? Round to nearest whole?

    I’ve noticed that Double Smelt affects Resource Caches for bars.

    So if I would receive 1.4 bars, and Double Smelt procs, I should get 2.8. Would I receive 2 or 3?

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