Update 4.14: New Dark Theme, UI improvements

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.14.0! This update brings the new Dark Theme to the game, fixes up the UI throughout many pages of the game, and fixes a few bugs and small improvements. This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website has been updated to this version now. The Android app will receive this version in the coming days, and the iOS app will receive this version in the coming weeks.

New Theme

As previewed previously, Warzone now has a fresh new look!

In addition to the new theme, I’ve also gone through every page in the entire app and tested how it looks on small devices. The most difficult configuration to support is a 2.5-inch wide phone being held in portrait mode, due to the limited amount of horizontal space. I’m proud to announce that, with this update, all pages work well in this configuration. Prior to this update, some pages looked horrendously awful, such as the level up dialog and the community levels details page. I’m hoping this is a very appreciated change in the long run.

Let me know what you think!

11 years old!

Last week marks 11 years from when I first started making this game, way back in 2008. We’ve come a long ways since then, and we still have a long ways to go!

Other Changes

– Unity/UJS: When making a tournament with a very short start time, the game now warns you that not many people will be have a chance to join.
– All: Level “3 Blind Mice” made slightly easier.
– All: Fixed InvalidOperationException error.
– All: If a game with mods times out more than 10 times in a row, it will be automatically ended by vote-to-end.
– Website: Fixed missing style on forum next to “hidden threads” link.
– Unity: Fixed level up dialog from overlapping alerts. Thanks to Hamstirly for reporting this.
– Unity: Fixed flag on full profile page.
– Unity: Fixed a bug with changing accounts with the chat room open. Thanks to Beren for reporting this.
– Android/iOS: Fixed the message that appears when a notification arrives while the app is open. Previously, it would always say the game “just advanced” even when it didn’t.
– Android: Fixed a bug that made the hardware back button potentially break the tutorial.

15 thoughts on “Update 4.14: New Dark Theme, UI improvements”

      1. Kinda feels like their should be, or atleast a way to switch between versions becuase some people may have a preferance, or in my case its crewing with framerates/loading speeds making realtime games super choppy and large scale maps unplayable

        1. The perf problem was actually unrelated to the theme. I just applied some fixes for the perf, can you try again and let me know at warzone.com/ReportBug if it’s still slow?

      2. it should have the option to turn it off.
        Just like in windows 10 or YouTube.
        Just make a theme button and give the player the option to switch between themes

  1. I noticed a big improvement the moment I refreshed, I love it!
    Now that I can see it in application I can give more specific feedback though. These are some observations:
    Within the list of players section of a game, I think there should be more contrast between the grayer player names and the darker background. The player names are clear but I feel their color may not be distinct enough, I think I would prefer it if the player names were a few shades lighter and closer to white.
    After looking around, I think I would prefer that everywhere there is the new grey color (orders section, attack/transfer screen, “Game” list drop-down button, the “You must use x cards” message etc.)
    Also, I think I would prefer the the new darker buttons to be more vivid as I think they are too dark for their new, darker backgrounds. This includes the commit button, all the game options shown by expanding the “Game” button, and the attack/transfer screen buttons.
    These are just my options. Overall I think the darker background is a huge visual improvement. I think the background could look better with the old themes button and text colors, or with shades in the middle of the new shades and the old shades.
    Thanks for the update! looks much better

  2. Please make a way to turn it off. The point of dark modes is that they’re an option between light and dark, depending on your preference.

  3. I’d also really like an option to turn off the dark theme. it might look good on other devices, but I am playing from a desktop pc where bright text on dark background doesn’t look good.

  4. I think the new theme is way too dark, making it harder to play. I’d really appreciate a way to turn it off.

  5. I always have issues on PC with the new Template not showing the income right after i scrolled in … only reloading fix this. I made a Screenshot so you can see the problems. Playing on newest Maxton Browser and WHQ. http://prntscr.com/mti2h3

  6. In general I like the dark theme – good work, Fizzer. The only issue that I have noticed so far is with Tournament Chat when playing on Android – it has a very dark background and players’ names
    are printed black, which makes it really hard to read…

  7. I too think the new dark theme is making it harder to play. (on a laptop). I’d rather kept/keep the old appearance..

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