Update 4.05: Quickmatch now available through the website!

Warzone has just been updated to version 4.05.0! This update brings the features of Quickmatch, which was previously only usable through the Unity client, to the website! This means that if you play Warzone through the website in Flash mode, you’ll now have access to Quickmatch.

If you aren’t familiar with Quickmatch, it makes joining multi-player games significantly easier. Instead of having to scroll through a list of open games, joining a game is as easy as clicking one button. It can be used to join both real-time or multi-day games, while still giving you control over what templates you’re willing to play. See the original announcement for more details.

You can access it under the multi-payer menu:


Quickmatch was brought to the website through a new tool I’ve been developing called UJS. UJS’s goal is to bring the entire Warzone Unity app to the website, in a way that isn’t as slow a memory intensive as the currently available method.

The main goal of developing UJS is in response to how slowly the Unity app loads on the website. In my opinion, it’s loading speed and memory usage are unacceptable, and I’m working on fixing that.

Therefore, the magic of today’s update really has nothing to do with Quickmatch. This is a demonstration that the Unity app can run on the website and be quick, even on low-end computers. If this project is successful, the other pages from the Unity app will be run through UJS too. More details about this will be released in the future.

5 thoughts on “Update 4.05: Quickmatch now available through the website!”

  1. I just clicked QM to see what it is, because I had noticed it’s new in the dashboard menu … not long after I had a multi-day game in my game list. The problem is I didn’t want this game, I haven’t activated/clicked anything in the QM window … further more it’s a template I don’t like, since my match rating is 0 my opponent is a Level1 ( I’m L 55 ) so I would get very few point’s if I win, and I have no control over it: I can’t decline the game, I just want the game out of my game list …I will ask for a vote to end but if my opponent dosen’t join what then ? how do I get rid of this game from my game list ? please help 😀

  2. Really good Work and much appreciated as it brings Quickmatches to Flash users, as web version of Unity is still bit slower.
    Loads within seconds and looks almost same as Unity client.
    Looking forward for more.

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