Update 2.5.1: Small update

WarLight has just been upgraded to version 2.05.1. This update fixes a few bugs and has a couple small enhancements.

This is an update to all platforms: The website, Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS. The website and Android updates are complete. The Kindle Fire and iOS updates will appear on your devices once Amazon and Apple approve them. Amazon usually completes theirs within a day or two, and Apple usually completes theirs in a 7-8 days.


– Added an achievement for winning a real-time ladder game.
– Added a “Clans” public forum.
– Fixed a bug that could cause a player to get booted into an AI and then booted into neutrals together if both booted and surrendered players turn into AI, and they had surrendered, and everyone had accepted their surrender except one other player who just got auto-booted.
– The auto-booter will no longer boot players who have been turned into an AI. This is only an issue if the AI server is malfunctioning for some reason. You can still direct boot them manually, it just won’t automatically happen.
– Fixed a bug that made the real-time ladder not show graphs for rank/rating history change.
– Fixed a bug with the message that was displayed next to players on the real-time ladder who haven’t played for 3 days.
– Fixed a bug that was causing game names to be doubly-encoded on the Edit Favorite Games page.
– iOS/Android: Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to view the settings of a real-time ladder game.
– iOS/Android: No longer displays “Level 0” when next to players when playing single-player
– iOS/Android: Fixed a bug that made the “View Full Profile” button show up for AI players, who don’t have profiles.
– iOS: Fixed a bug that made tapping links on the wiki cause it to revert to the non-mobile version of the wiki, which doesn’t appear correctly on iPhones.
– iOS/Android: Fixed a bug that could cause maps that were just unlocked to not appear in the map browser until the app was restarted.
– iOS/Android: Fixed a bug on tablets that allowed opening multiple attack/transfer windows at a time which lead to error messages.
– iOS: Fixed a bug that made the deployment label not appear on iOS 7.0 devices.

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