Site update 1.16.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 1.16.1! This is a small update just to fix a few bugs.

This was supposed to have a mobile update along with it, however the mobile part wasn’t quite ready yet, and I didn’t want to delay these bug fixes. The mobile half of 1.16.1 should be coming soon.


– Renamed the Gray color to Dark Gray.
– Saved single-player games now show the date they were saved.
– When a game is closed, the chat windows now automatically close. This fixes the issue where the My Games page shows a game as having unread chat even after you read it.
– The GameFeed API now returns which team each player was on.
– Fixed a bug when creating custom single-player games that could cause it to remove yourself from the game when clicking “Change Players”
– Fixed a bug that allowed hotkeys to activate while typing into the bug-report popup.
– Fixed a bug that caused the clock to do a single tick sound when opening a game that was past the boot time.
– Fixed a bug after deleting a reinforcement card that caused the deployment slider to do weird things.
– Fixed a bug that involved open seats and the “Start Game” button. If a game creator clicked “start game” while open seats were unfilled, the open seats were not removed as they should have been (you would have seen them as little “O”s on the My Games page.) This made the system incorrectly believe the game was still being advertised on the Open Games tab. Unfortunately, this means that the game would be deleted after 10 days, since it thought it was an open game that didn’t start and was abandoned by its creator.

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